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Last Update: September 21, 2020

So, maybe the picture gave it away. 'Fish, chips and peas' and 'all the threes' are both 'Bingo' call for the number 33. Who knew right ?

Well, I knew the second one but not the first. On the off chance that you're interested in learning all of the various calls up to number 99, then there's a list of them HERE, courtesy of Wikipedia.

This is just a lighthearted intro but I thought the numerologists in our midst might like to ponder the following.

The other day, while 'thanking' new followers, I happened to notice how many members I was following, guess what the number was ? Well, it wasn't 33, that would be sad. No, it was 3333.

Now, I know the number is going to come up in the natural progression but I thought it funny (peculiar) that it should be on that number when I happened to notice it.

Add into that the next serendipitous piece of the 'coincidence' puzzle, which happened within a matter of days.

I would say that the number three is meant to hold some significance for me, not being one for ignoring the signs once I have seen them. Thoughts anyone ?

The other good news (all the threes is good news in my eyes, just not sure why yet) is that I have had another referral and they very kindly added a picture and some goals, which was extremely pleasing.

As for 'And Other News', there has been plenty, too much to mention in one sitting. I have managed to begin setting up one of the latest sites, though that has been temporarily halted due to technical issues.

I hope to resume work this afternoon, as long as the servers have settled back down, we'll see. I have another three to set up initially but once set up, only one of them will require regular, as in weekly, maintenance.

Here's another move in the right direction (just so you know that I am working these things in my mind) I have downloaded an app for a webcam, as I have been thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to do videos and use the audio for the podcast.

Or film the podcast, whichever way you want to look at it.

After yesterdays site work fiasco, I sought solace by playing around with logo's. Below are two (I did five but these two appealed the most) that I thought were passable, though I can tweak them if there's something that isn't aesthetically pleasing.

These aren't really serious or anything, I did them thinking that I could use something similar for the podcast/video, with the proper name on and not my own. I just have no inkling whether what I am looking at is any good, or not.

In case, you're wondering where I have suddenly obtained graphic design skills from, I used the services of 'Wix'. They have a free logo design tool, you do have to pay if you want to keep them, though I thought at least I can get some ideas and then work something up on Canva, maybe.

Didn't we have to do something similar in the OEC training ?

That's your lot for now my friends, the day's pace has quickened, so I need to lengthen my stride. Hope you are all having a marvelous Monday and a promising start to the week.

Twack Romero

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Linda103 Premium
I always thnink of 3 as a good number Twack. There are a variety of definitions but I think of it as good luck and things going the right way.
Multiples of a number is even better. Seems you are on the right track and very soon everything will fall into place.
I really like the logo on the right. Just something about it looks really good.
Canva has a logos section.
Good post.
Twack Premium
Thank you Linda, as I said in response to Partha's comment, it's been a while since I dabbled in the numerology texts.

Jules would always dive in with a word or two about the various numbers, or combinations thereof, mentioned.

Bizarrely, one of my regular semi-spam emails came in today with the offer of a free numerology PDF. It is sat on the desktop, open and waiting for me to add it to the 'Kindle Reader'.

Anyway, I like your version so I might just stick with that (lol, who am I kidding, I'll be over all that PDF like a rash).

Thank you for the feedback, that was my personal favourite, though I might be taking out my name and replacing it with 'Project 137'.
I did have a quick look through the Canva offerings, I might revisit. The Wix one takes you through a series of questions and visual choices before throwing a bunch of options at you.
Linda103 Premium
Had to read Partha's comment before replying. I agree with that summation.
You just have to believe the one that sounds the best, add the emotion of excitement to it and you have a winner, lol.
Not actually looked at the Canva logos to be honest. The Wix one sounds good the way they do it.
RamiSociable Premium
Don't know about its significance to you but know its significance my birthday falls on the 3rd day of the month!!

Logo;s look swish!!

Your webcam app sounds promising fro the podcast. Google is now updating video app for phones know it is already there only they want us all to be video stars so are upgrading so that everyone wil be able to produce professional looking videos.!!

Some companies are already offering this facility at a price as I;m sure you have seen on internet pesky ads the ones that break into your viewing pleasure!! lols

Hope the servers have settled down?

Enjoy your evening!

Twack Premium
Thank you Rami and may your evening be the same.

Yes, it would seem that everything is going that way. I believe that a revamped version of Windows Movie Maker is available, the children used to use it for their YouTube channel videos (ten years old and editing like pros).

It's not something I am keen on but it needs to be done, sooner rather than later. It will be far from 'professional' at the start but it may well be the sort of thing that can be sent to a 'virtual assistant' down the line, let them work their magic, for a small fee.

As we speak, I am adding an apology to my sample page, for a distinct lack of content. lol. All seems to be in order though, go figure. I shall take back all that I thought.😊
RamiSociable Premium
You are welcome!! Oh OK that sounds brilliant!!
lesabre Premium
Great stuff Twack. Amazing how all 3's come together.

Twack Premium
Thank you Michael, it's was a surprise, that's for sure. Have to wait and see what happens next.
lesabre Premium
The good old waiting game.
Twack Premium
I can wait😴
LenkaSophie Premium
That is absolutely amazing, I'm sitting here in front of my laptop with my mouth open. Soo nice.
Hope there will be more such serendipities this week :)
Twack Premium
I do too, it makes me feel as though something big is imminent. I was quite taken aback, even more so when I saw the 'ambassador days'.
Isaiah14 Premium
Perhaps it's just one of those days when the planets and stars are perfectly aligned 👍

Enjoy your day, Twack!

Isaiah 😊
Twack Premium
Could well be Isaiah, those are the days where anything can happen.
Thank you for stopping by and have a good one yourself.