3657 Reasons Why Sharing Is Caring.

Last Update: February 27, 2020

It's true. Sharing is caring, it's official. After seven words, you're already thinking I'm going to be giving you the spiel about 'Follow Me On' and all the stuff about connecting with each other on the other platforms. Well, I'm not.

In truth, that particular theme is worth mentioning again and again. Each time, there is a chance someone will take action and make the extra effort to connect. It never gets old. Evergreen advice. It just keeps on giving.
In actual fact, I just need to write. The daylight has been slowly ebbing away and I have moved further and further away from my goals. Not really goals, It's more to do with accomplishing everything I set out to do, today.

Yesterday I posted about the comments I had received for one of my posts. As in, how good they were. Well today, they kept on coming and all at the standard that had been set yesterday. They were that good, that I have copied them all and put them on a 'Notepad' file, so I can use them for reference.

One of the added bonuses is that long comments, or large quantities of, add to your word count, within that post. I've just copied and pasted them into a new 'Site Content' document, to see how many words there actually were. Can you guess ? No ? Then let me tell you.


That's right, three thousand, six hundred and fifty-seven extra words, courtesy of fifteen wonderful WA members. That just shows what an incredible tool we have at our disposal.

It also shows that we are surrounded by awesomely wonderful WA'ers.

Seacrest out. The oven is about to go off and I have a shed load of things to do.

Have a wonderful rest of the day.

Twack Romero.

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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Twack,

That is an impressive number indeed. As Google reads the WA posts it gives your post a big push with those long comments.
I remember that other post of Alex about the homeless person sitting close by a coffee shop which had a sign they were looking for somebody.
When a country still struggles so much with the basics, having a roof over your head, education and a decent job, and healthcare for all it still has a long way to go.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Twack Premium
Hello Taetske,
So nice to see you here.

I do remember Alex's post. I do not have the answers butone thing that always stays in the back of my mind and without getting political, is that much of thework that needs to be done, will inevitably take longer than a 'four' year term of office.
Oppositions oppose, majorities dwindle and governments change.

Can you imagine trying to build a succesful business, if every few years, someone new came in and changed everything round.

Just my thoughts.

Enjoy the evening.
lesabre Premium
Hi Twack, as afternoon is ebbing out into evening, it is great to know we are blessed with such a sharing, caring community.

I was just blown away yesterday, when I asked a question about a site comment. The responses were overwhelming and kept me busy throughout the day.

Best wishes,
Twack Premium
It is indeed. It can be a divisive subject, so it's good to be able to 'big it up' for once.

Enjoy your evening and thank you for stopping by.
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Hi Twack! I missed your post yesterday about the good comments, but it's great to hear that they are continuing today. Your post will encourage members who have become disappointed with Site Comment responses to keep using it. My experience with it the other day was also good and I expect to use it again tomorrow.
Yes, there are wonderful members here!

Continued success to you!
Twack Premium
Thank you Colleen. I agree completely. As I mentioned to Rami, seldom do we see the positives, the posts concerning 'Site Comments' are generally about the poor quality.
It's nice to be able to share the good side.
Ramco Premium
Glad that your having more luck than many others i have experienced reading about, with the quality of the comments. It can't be a fluke as they appear to be on their best behaviour with you which is not something to deride but to celebrate. I too wish everyone would read the article and consider the comment it would be so beneficial for everyone involved..;
Twack Premium
Couldn't agree more. There is always a chance, that in general, we only hear about the bad ones.
Ramco Premium
Yes Twack, I take heart in the numbers only I tend to watch current trends carefully and I have been and involved in two discussions where the overall majority in them are reporting very high rates and the second was a completely different set of people than the first so as a litmus test its not a good prognosis!

We'll see if the improvements when they eventually kick in will have the desired impact!!

timstime20 Premium
That is incredible !!! Love that
Great point
Twack Premium
Thanks Tim, that's what I thought. Just hit a rich seam, full of excellent members.