3.2 - Marketing System Secrets - Build Your Product Launch Funnel Quickly and Easily

Last Update: Feb 11, 2020

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3.2 - Marketing System Secrets - Build Your Product Launch Funnel Quickly and Easily

The steps to building your product launch funnel are clear.
Step 1 - Keyword Research with Keyword Research Tools; Jaaxy.
Step 2 - Buy Domains for Your Site, That Match the Best Buyer Keyword.
Step 3 - Choose the Ecosystem for Your Product Launch Funnel, E.g. - Wealthy Affiliate.
Step 4 - Build Your Pages.
a. Optin Page, this can be something that the visitor will land on or, will popup after a certain time; or an exit pop,but it's something they definitely will see as soon as they arrive at the site. The goal is to collect data, a name; an email; and possibly a mobile number.
b. You will have a facebook pixel for remarketing.
c. The pages for your product launch include 4 video pages.

In the first video page I have a story of the company CEO telling his story following the 7 steps to tell stories that sell'... See my blog for that script template.

In the second video page - this is where i explain the 5 biggest pain points the customer faces and in all detail.
Example Pain Points Problems:
1. You want to make $10k per month and become financially free, but don't know where to start.
2. You have no step by step plan.
3. You have no mentor and you know you need one.
4. You have many 100s and 1000s of prospective mentors on WA or when you google it;
but don't know which one to choose.
5. You have not started work and it annoys you, no momentum in your business, no confidence.

In the 3rd video you have the method to succeed.
1. Make the DECISION NOW that you will make X amount on WA in X amount of time by X date; sign it; Do It Now.
2. Invest in a complete, proven step by step course with all the information you need to make 6-7 figures per year with WA for example.
3. Find a MENTOR - someone who has already gone through the entire journey from zero to success.
** This is CRUCIAL and will shortcut your success by 100X-1000X of time **
4. ONLY follow that one mentor you choose and the one course you invested in.
5. Set a schedule to start doing product research and to build out your method (X hours per night)

In the 4th video I explain the product solution; it's a sales letter that follows
the 'magnetic sales blueprint' template that you can find in my blog too!

The Wealth Affiliate System answers the 5 biggest pain points!
And that is the solution to your problem.

On each page there are buttons at the bottom of each video leading to the next video.

The pages are simple and clear, minimal in their content, with headline and video below, and a button' watch next video.

On the 4th video sales page, the last button leads to the sign up page for WA and this is your 'affiliate link'

To Your Success,

P.s. There is also Business Automation and that will be covered in Section 5 of this course.

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