3.1 - Marketing System Secrets - Sales Copywriting

Last Update: Feb 6, 2020

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3.1 - Marketing System Secrets - Sales Copywriting

There is a great need for good quality content and advice:
When my son was wearing diapers I wanted him toilet trained, because it was expensive and time consuming to always clean him and put diapers on him. So I bought a book on 'potty training' on Clickbank for 27 dollars. Within 1 week my son was toilet trained and I was saving $30 per week on diapers. Within 1 week the book had paid for itself!

My problems were solved by an author and she makes good income from selling her ebooks!

Headlines and Topics for Your Blog:

When you are starting a business you will require topics and ideas and easy access to content that you want to include in your sites.

I used Hubspot blog topic generator to create some topics for my blog. Using keywords add them to the search and out will come 5 headlines/topics.

Writing Unique Content:

It's quite impractical and time consuming to write all your content. My first e-book took 18 months to write but things have become a lot more simple and easy to create stuff! With PLR and software tools it's easy to source and create content but then you will want to put it into your own words to make it unique, and using your unique personality and speaking method!

True or true?

The method I personally use for this blog is, I became an expert in all these topics first and then write the articles from what's in my head.

The Expert Interview:

I interview experts and record the interview on video and make a transcript of the video to produce an .pdf file, that i can share and use as a lead magnet or even a paid product that solves someone's pain points.


First let's define the things that we need copywriting for in our business online!

When starting a business, copywring is required for all content that customers read, watch or listen to including stuff like:
- products. Yes they include sales copy too;
- lead magnets;
- email sequences;
- sales letters for sales pages;
- video sales letters;
- advertisements and press releases;
and most importantly in your stories!

There are people that sell words on Upwork, Fiverr dot com, Warrior Forum etc.

Hiring and Pricing:

There are people that sell words on the Internet (do asearch in google for copy writer and you will find them. Youcan also look on Upwork, Fiverr dot com, Warrior Forum etc.

When I was looking for a copywriter I found one my mentor recommended and he costs $300 per sales letter!

ARTICLES can be bought for $1.3 for 100 words of content
It's SEO-friendly content;
It's 100% unique, they even check it with Copyscape.

COPYWRITING prices are from $2.7 for 100 words of writing.
It's Conversion focused, high quality copy;
They optimize Keywords for SEO purposes.

EBOOKS cost about $3 per page
It's written by a 'Ghost' writer who researches the topic content.
They format it into an eBook;
The content is 100% unique, and checked by Copyscape;

But we can also use tools if we want to do it ourselves and it's fast and easy to use most of these copywriting softwares. There are scripts you upload to your computer that does the job, and there are web services too!

Copywriting Tools:

There are many ways to shortcut the copywriting process!

Here are a few tools i had used and can recommend.
and Funnel Scripts are created by expert copywriters who have very much been able to put their copywriting style and secrets into a system that can produce all types of copy to meet your business online needs.

Yes, they are expensive tools.

If we are blogging and are creating many pages with similar content we can use an article spinner to create unique pages of high quality content.

Spinrewriter is a tool that spins an article by mixing paragraphs; phrases; and word synonyms to create unique versions of the same article.

To check for duplicate copy, enter your page url into Copyscape and it will check to see if there is any duplicate copy on the internet.

That's really cool, you can also use it to see if someone is copying your site content!

Cool or cool? It's really cool!

Finally i want to say that i use softwares and templates that help me write good copy without actually being a copywriter.

Free Copywriting Tools and Shortcuts:

See my Shortcuts on my WA blog here:
Lead Magnet Template:


Magnetic Sales Blueprint Template:

To Your Success,


'Helping People to Help Themselves and Freeing the World!'

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It looks like some great ideas for us all to use.

Thank you so much for sharing this information. It is very important to write your own original content.

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