2.1 - Product Creation Secrets - Ideation and Keyword Research

Last Update: February 02, 2020

2.1 - Product Creation Secrets - Ideation and Keyword Research


Step 1. How to find a hot product idea?
This should be a topic you at least have an interest in! My interest is health and fitness including eating healthy.

The keyword i will search is 'diet'.

Usually people search for a niche that has pain points and can solve people's problems, like lose weight; lose fat fast etc.

So, ask yourself the questions:
Does your product idea solve a problem or need? and
Is there an emotional need for your product?

Step 2 - Keyword research on Jaaxy (WA tool):
I need to know if there is enough searches (buyers) for this main keyword 'diet'.

The answer is 61,000 but the keword quality indicator (KQI) is only normal. There is a lotof competition!

I found 'low carb diet plan' had ~10,000 searches and was low competition.

Step 3 - I will go to Clickbank marketplace to search for hot products that i can promote!

I found 2 high gravity diet programs (204; 143) that I can promote.
*The meaning of Gravity is a closely guarded secret, but in my opinion it means: "The number of affiliates who have made sales in the past 12 weeks."

Step 4 - Find a Domain Name
(Then build a blog site and promote your affiliate offers.)

I went to Expired Domains to find an old one that matches.

Bestlowcarbdietplan dot com was registered by me because this domain is 12 years old and with 131 existing backlinks and it could give me a good chance of getting page rank!

It's a good niche to pursue because it'smy interest. I just need to make the time to create good quality content for my blog posts and to add my affiliate offers!

To Your Success,


'Helping People to Help Themselves and Freeing the World!'

P.s. In the next post you will read 2.2 - Digital Product Creation Secrets - How to Create Hot Selling Digital Products Quickly and Easily!

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Leo, a methodology that works, and keeping it simple can work even better.