1.5 Business Strategy Secrets - Who is Your Avatar or Ideal Customer

Last Update: January 29, 2020

1.5 Business Strategy Secrets - Who is Your Avatar or Ideal Customer

1. Where does your avatar live?
Example: They live in this group on facebook.

Example: They attend digital marketing seminars.

2. Where do they research?
They read books from Amazon on digital marketing.

They go to Youtube to learn.

They search on Google for 'make money online'

3. What challenges do your taregt customer's have?
Example: Attracting fast traffic at low cost of their target customer; building websites and sales funnels; finding hot selling products to promote; generating leads and building lists; digital product creation are some of their challenges!

4. What do they dream and hope?
Example: They dream of financial independence and hope to live on a tropical island resort.

5. What are they afraid of?
Example: They are afraid they cannot pay the bills and the mortgage.

Example: They fear losing their house if they don't keep working a job.

6. How do they communicate?
Example: They belong to facebook groups and they communicate by messenger.

Example: They use What's App groups of members with similar interests.

Example: They chat using text on their phones to friends.

So go where they are!

7. How do they speak?
What jargon do they use when they communicate?

Example: Go to facebook groups and listen to them.

Example: Go to Youtube Video comments and see how they talk.

Copy their chats and mimick the way they talk so that when you create ads for them; sales copy for them;

it's like you are directly speaking to your Avatar, and they will relate to you!

8. What does yor avatars day look like?
6:15 Getup;

6:30 Go for a run;

7:15 Breakfast.

8:00 Shower.

8:30 Start Blogging. etc.,

9. What makes your avatar happy?
Example: Getting comments on blog posts

Example: Helping someone with advice to overcome a pain point or problem!

To Your Success,


'Helping People to Help Themselves and Freeing the World!'

P.s. In the next post you will read 2.1 - Digital Product Creation Secrets - Ideation and Keyword Research

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megawinner Premium
My Avatar is varied. Just know where to catch them!
tutorman Premium
Yes depending on the niche they are different. But i use the same questions to identify them!
megawinner Premium
OK. Is it effective?
tutorman Premium
Yes it’s a proven strategy. This is a strategy that i learned from my mentor who had turned over 1.3 billion for his clients in just 5 years of business operation. When i use it in WA successfully to recruit members, i will write a success post. Wish me luck!
megawinner Premium
Good luck!