1.4 Business Strategy Secrets - Lead Magnet Template

Last Update: January 29, 2020

1.4 Business Strategy Secrets - Lead Magnet Template

The product I'm promoting is:
'Tutorman Blueprint - The 5 Steps to Start and Grow a Business Online'

3 Top Benefits are:
1. You have a mentor (me) who you can call at anytime to help you overcome any challenges during your business building online!

2. You have a proven program that is step by step!

3. You can focus because you have a step by step program and a mentor to help you every day!

My perfect customer is someone who is struggling to pay the bills and someone who wants to be financially free!

My Customer's Biggest challenge is: lack of focus due to business information overwhelm and lack of experience.

My Product solves this challenge by making things simple and easy by following a proven blueprint that is step by micro-step!

The Journey:
(you will get to know me, like and trust me and see me as the authority because I will give you massive value in this product launch funnel)

Video 1 - Business Strategy

Video 2 - Digital Product Creation

Video 3 - Marketing System Building

Video 4 - Targeted Traffic Generation

Video 5 - Business Automation, Follow Up and Closing High Ticket Sales!

Powerful Hooks:
HEADLINE 1: My Case Study - How I Retired.pdf
FREE Download.

HEADLINE 2: The Utimate Marketing System Eliminates the Competition and So Can You!
FREE Download, Click Here.

HEADLINE 3: The Hour Cash Machine - This Super Ninja Tool Saves You Time and Money.
Watch Video Now.

HEADLINE 4: My #1 Website Traffic Strategy That Helped Me Retire in Just 70 Days!

HEADLINE 5: The 5 Steps that Guarantee Your Success Before You Begin.pdf
Free Download

The 5 Irresistible Benefits:
1. Save Years in Online Study;

2. Save 100s of 1000s of Dollars in Online Training Fees; Digital Products and Guru B.S.;

3. It's a Proven Formula;

4. Clear Step By Micro Step Over the Shoulder Recorded Videos Help You Focus.

5. A Mentor You Can Call Anytime To Solve Your Biggest Challenges (App Included)

Call to Action:
'Claim Your Spot'

'Get Instant Access'

'Yes, I'm In'

To Your Success,


'Helping People to Help Themselves and Freeing the World!'

P.s. In the next post you will read 1.5 - Business Strategy Secrets - Your Perfect Customer or Avatar

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