What's the Best CBD Affiliate Program?

Last Update: November 29, 2019
Thinking of Promoting Medicinal Cannabis? I Have Good News!

Yes, you can make good money selling CBD products online.

It's obvious now that Medical Marijuana in going to be a super lucrative niche in the foreseeable future. Particularly CBD preparations.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is getting a lot of positive reviews these days. The internet is awash with glowing reports from users claiming relief from all sorts of physical and mental or emotional issuess.

We need to be aware, however, NOT to make any unsubstantiated claims on our websites. Alhough CBD is now completely legal in the US and many other places, we're only legally allowed to promote it as a Health Supplement.

So what about CBD affiliate programs?

Recently, I published a post on my website several promoting CBD products. I researched many companies as to the quality of their products and also their affiliate programs.

I wasn’t able to legally sample the goods myself, as I'm a resident of Australia.

CBD is legal here in Oz, but only with a doctor’s prescription. (That's if you can get a doctor to prescribe it in the first place - but that's another issue)

I’ll share what I learned here. 

Some people might think that I’m giving too much away; however I believe in paying forward. Not everyone's going to be interested in promoting CBD anyway; for those who are, the info here could save much valuable time.

I haven’t covered every CBD affiliate program out there, only those I’ve decided to sign up with myself. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of companies jumping on the CBD bandwagon today.

1. CBD Pure.

CBD Pure has a great product. At the time of writing though, their range was limited. They mostly promote CBD hemp oil in dripper bottles and capsules. Their CBD is refined via CO² extraction, which makes it very pure.

The best news for us as affiliates is the commission rate; CBD Pure pays a whopping 40% commission on initial sales. Their cookies are valid for 30 days, giving our referrals plenty of time to decide to buy.

2. Cannabidiol Life.

This link is to their main website, just search for "affiliate program".

Cannabidiol Life has a larger range of products. They carry the expected CBD oil in a dripper bottle, but they also produce such things as CBD Isolate (the purest form of CBD) in powder or crystal form, vape oil, edibles, dabs, gummies, even CBD-infused drinking water and heaps more. They've even released a product specifically created to help with menstrual cramps etc.

Cannabidiol Life started out as an educational and research organisation. They are now endorsed by the National Hemp Association (NHA).

Commissions start at 30%. They pay out every two weeks provided that your balance is over $100.


CBD SKY have a broad range of skin care and beauty products infused with CBD, including Pain Relief Cream (with Emu Oil), Anti-Aging creams, Moisturizers, and more. There were over a dozen beauty and skin care products in their range at the time of writing. As well as the usual CBD oils, including full-spectrum oils,

As for their commission structure, it's a bit complicated. It works on a sliding scale depending on how much product you’ve sold to date. Commissions start at 10%, but you can earn up to 30% depending on your volume.

In my opinion, the best part of CBD SKY’s affiliate program is that they will pay up to 8% lifetime commissions from your repeat customers. If only Amazon offered something like this!

If we refer new affiliates to their program, they also offer tiered commissions based on sales volume. Again, I just wish other programs would do this. There are full details on the CBD SKY website (link above).

4. CBD BioCare.

CBD BioCare have a very similar range of products as above, and a similar affiliate program.

Commissions start a 20% and increase to 45% on retail prices, (depending on our sales volume to date) Your customers will be encouraged to sign up for special offers and promotions. Once they do you will receive another 10% on lifetime sales from that customer. They don't even need to visit your site again.This has to be the best deal on offer as a long term proposition.

Don't have a website? Or don't want to build a specific CBD website?

With CBD BioCare you can have a sub-domain site hosted and managed by them. You don't need a specific CBD site of your own. (This is just an option, WA members will probably host a site on the servers here)

They have a FaceBook page and a support system that reminds me a lot of what we are used to here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Now here's something totally unique!

They not only allow, but actually encourage us to use our affiliate link to buy products for our own use. To the best of my knowledge, there's no other company, anywhere, that even allows us to buy through our own links. The philosophy of CBD BioCare is that we can promote the products much better if we've actually used them ourselves.


These four CBD product suppliers are the ones that I’ve decided to promote. In the end, the choice is yours, of course, but I doubt that you’ll find a better selection.

You can be sure that the products in this list are guaranteed to be virtually free from THC. This is important, as we will be promoting CBD as a health supplement. The last thing we want, as affiliate marketers, is to fall foul of the law!

And Now For Some (slightly) Bad News...

FaceBook, Bing, Google, etc, have imposed strict conditions on us and we are NOT able to advertise CBD products using PPC, or paid advertising on their platforms.

(See Stop Press below)

This means that it might take longer to establish our CBD promotion sites. We’ll have to be content with waiting for our sites to build up organic search volume.

This is what we're taught here at WA anyway, so it doesn’t preclude us from promoting CBD products. I just want everyone to be well aware of this limitation before putting in the effort of building a site and posting reviews etc.

******** STOP PRESS! Thanks to some rethinking on behalf of the Powers That Be we are now able to promote via social media. **********

Well, there it is folks. I just thought I’d share this information with everyone in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

If you decide to give CBD promotion a try, Shoot me a PM and let me know.
I’d love to hear your opinions and success stories.

Wishing you all the success in the world.

Thomas (tudogz)


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Jaspar8 Premium 2 months ago

Thanks Thomas, I’ve just started out here at WA and value your input. I’ve given you a follow and will most likely send you a PM. I’m also from Australia and very interested myself in promoting CBD and trying it myself as I recently went through brain surgery to remove a tumour (I know you can’t get cbd here legally).

Kind regards


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VirginiaJ1 Premium Follow Me 5 months ago

Hi Thomas, Thank you for the enjoyable and informative post. I'm highly considering adding CBD infused skincare. Best wishes to a prosperous and successful future!

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Suzay Premium Follow Me 5 months ago

Thanks for doing all that comparison work. I learned something today from my friend Tudogz. I joined Youngevity and they have a line of cbd products, I'll be checking them out, and what promotion is OK, and then probably take you up on your PM offer.

You rock!


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tudogz Premium 5 months ago


Thanks Suzay.

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AmandaGrey2 9 months ago

Absolute Nature CBD also offer an amazing assistance program discount. 60% off for veterans, long term sick and low income. Such a great help for those on a tight budget.

Cbd has been such a god send for so many.

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tudogz Premium 9 months ago


Thanks Amanda.

I'll check them out. Wishing you all the very best.

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tudogz Premium 9 months ago


Hi again.

I visited their site. The products seem on a par with most companies, as do their prices.

Unfortunately, we can't be affiliates for everyone, so I've decided not to sign up. The commissions were the main sticking point for me. (Only 20%)

Good luck with you ongoing endeavours.


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sfortson Premium 9 months ago

Thank you for this article! My niche is Go Green With Hemp, and I do promote CBD products as well as other hemp products like paper and much more. Having quality companies to affiliate for in this niche is particularly important!

This is very valuable information to me, I have bookmarked this article and am now following you as well.

Bless your heart for sharing.


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tudogz Premium 9 months ago


Glad you liked this post. Good luck with your endeavours.

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CSavoie1 Premium 9 months ago

Thank you for this great information. I’m doing cannabis-oil infused makeup Reviews now an would like to add CBD oil as an Affiliate or as a distributor. It looks like Instagram which is a part of Facebook is ok with promoting CBD oil products. Has anyone else seen this?

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Dahay Premium Follow Me 9 months ago


There is nothing wrong with advertising cbd oil products. Many people advertise it.

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CSavoie1 Premium 9 months ago


That’s great to know! Thank you. I was told Facebook and Amazon banned it but I found CBD sites on both.

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tudogz Premium 9 months ago


It seems they are lightening up a bit, which is good for us.

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CSavoie1 Premium 9 months ago


Yes, they need to. I think what worries them in the USA for sure is the fact that it’s not regulated by the FDA and there is concern that CBD oil with “extra” THC above the 0.3% might slip through somehow.

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CSavoie1 Premium 9 months ago

Just an update. The CBD oil on Amazon is actually Hemp seed oil. But it’s labeled and sold as CBD oil.

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Evan15 Premium Follow Me 7 months ago


Still complicated to navigate but it's possible. I use https://cannaffi.com to keep up with what's going on in the market.

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tudogz Premium 7 months ago


Thanks, I'll have a look at this.

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MymoenaD Premium 10 months ago

Thanks so much for this informative post! All the best!

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tudogz Premium 9 months ago


Glad you liked it.

CBD BioCare is my favourite. I like that we can build a downline.

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SUZIENATURAL Premium 11 months ago

I became a partner with CBD BioCare a year ago and have never regretted doing my homework before becoming a sales rep. It has been the most profitable affiliate program I have ever joined. It is also a product that I use on a daily basis that has changed my life.

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tudogz Premium 11 months ago


You said it Suzie. CBD is going to be the growth niche of 2019, I reckon.

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ontherise Premium about a year ago

I'm in Canada and same issues. Very grey area. But with marijuana becoming legal in October, I'm pretty sure CBD should be acceptable!

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Lez01 Premium Follow Me about a year ago

Thank you Thomas, this is an excellent illustration of the diverse opportunities that can be explored in the realm of on-line business.


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Hi Thomas,
I wanted to quickly introduce you to our new CBD brand and affiliate program after checking out your article “What's the Best CBD Affiliate Program?.”
We are one of the only CBD companies that offer a 40% commission...it’s the best payout in the industry.
We have two products available now--a 25mg CBD gel capsule (30 ct bottle) and a 750mg tincture bottle (mint flavor). Prices are $79.95 MSRP for the tincture $69.95 for the capsules. Your wholesale prices are 50% off MSRP.
What makes our products and company better/different is:
1. We only use full spectrum CBD, not isolates like most of our competitors (research shows much better anxiety/sleep/pain results).
2. We source from organic US-grown hemp, meaning no pesticides/chemicals. We're one of the few companies that is certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority.
3. We are NOT a huge corporation like most of the CBD brands on store shelves now. We’re a small Michigan-based company that gives back to our local community by donating 5 meals to hungry families in need to Detroit-based Forgotten Harvest for every sale.
4. We provide educational materials that help your customers understand how to actually use CBD for best results (something that is seriously lacking in the industry right now).
5. Our products are all third party lab tested for purity and safety (results posted on our website).
We’d love to partner with you. Any chance you can add us to your current article next time you update it?
Please share any questions you may have or feel free to sign up and start sharing today to earn some extra cash!
Join our affiliate program (takes less than 30 seconds).

Jo Nichols
Affiliate Manager, Pure Capsule Company
tudogz Premium
Are you planning on sticking around with WA?
Can you email me please.
HelenM2 Premium
Hi Thomas. Great to meet you on WA and to welcome you back to SA which is also my home state. What a valuable article you have given us. I have authority to receive prescription medication which is very expensive so other options are interesting. I'll pm.
Jeffreybs Premium
CBD is a hot niche right now and it appears to be gaining more and more companies every day, I was wondering are you promoting these CBD companies as your business niche.

tudogz Premium
I have a site; marijcanna dot com where I have a post on CBD products, and these are the brands I've chosen to feature.
I might also add more posts on other brands separately as well.
If you sign up with these brands featured here, I'd appreciate it if you'd use my links.
Cheers. Thomas.
Jeffreybs Premium
Thank You,
I have a question you may be able to answer for me, can I share non-affiliated links in my blog posts on WA

If you are interested in more CBD programs you should check the network I just found and wrote a post about this weekend


tudogz Premium
Generally, we're not allowed to put links in our posts.
There was a lot of spamming a while back.
PMindra Premium
If you build it, I will link to it.
A huge, market that will never again go away.

Thank you for sharing.

Kindest regards from Canada.

Paul Mindra.
ExpatMark Premium
Google is not going to like this type of site, but then again I don't like Google and there are many other search engines. I am thinking about promoting CBD in Europe, Russia, and Asia. There search engines will be more friendly.
tudogz Premium
I agree. Google themselves manipulate their audience for their own needs.
My site has been live for a couple of years now and I've not received any penalties, so I guess they're reasonably happy with it.
ExpatMark Premium
That is good to know. I have a friend who promotes the stuff and she knows zero about anything online. And she makes decent money though I do not know who she uses. I think promoting on Yandex would be very profitable. That part of the world is so much more open-minded to anything new like CBD use.

Thanks for the post. Good info. I can use. CBD Europe may be my 5th website.
tudogz Premium
Cheers, mate.
I'd appreciate your using my links :) :-)
Mark K Premium
You have be careful with Google EAT and YMYL with this type of niche.
tudogz Premium
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
I hadn't heard of those acronyms.
I just googled them and I see what you mean.
However, the same rules apply to any affiliate site. It's up to us to show we are offering useful information. Google must realise that everyone on the internet is there for a reason - mostly to earn money in one way or another.
Mark K Premium
True, affiliate marketing does fall under the same rules, however health/medicine is a bit more tricky, as Google likes proven qualifications and reputation when it comes to health etc.

For example if someone was searching for skin cancer procedure, Google will more likely rank a website that has a qualified health professional explaining the procedure rather than someone who just knows about the procedure.

Not saying it cant be done, it will just take a lot of time and work to be trusted by Google.