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Last Update: December 14, 2020

Published April 16, 2019

Let me begin by saying, I am quite satisfied with the level of progress I have been making here at Wealthy Affiliate. At this time last year, I didn't know a thing about affiliate marketing, let alone website development. But today, all that has changed. I own and manage a niche website. Wow!

Personal Successes

My website doesn't contain as many posts as other WA members (there are only a dozen), but I have had what I would refer to as some successes - not financial, though. I call them successes because for me, they were goals achieved. For example, from the training and with the help of fellow members, I was able to successfully:

  • add a number of affiliate links, as well as WA banners to my website without being in the MMO niche;
  • sign up for Google Alert and Google Adsense. (While it took up to 2 weeks for Google to accept some members "application" to have Adsense on their site, mine took under 4 days);
  • set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Sitemap.

These are some of the things I've been quite happy about. I even celebrated these successes inside my home, but was reluctant to write posts to that effect, until the excitement gradually faded away.

The Key

As taught at WA, we have to always publish articles on our niche websites. Agreed. But even more important is this: NOT JUST ARTICLES, but ones that TARGET RELEVANT KEYWORDS. That's the key.

In other words, before setting out to write articles for publication, seek out keywords that meet the two criteria below:

    1. They must be keywords that you think others are searching for (the essence of high Avg in Jaaxy)

    2. They must be keywords that have not been overused by others in your niche (the essence of low QSR in Jaaxy)

    Kyle elaborates on these in Level 2 Lesson 3 of the Training:

    What actually happened

    Nearly all my articles were written more than a month ago. My earliest article dates back to August 2018. But none had ranked in the search engines. There were times I even searched page after page (up to 12 or more on some occasions) on Google to see at what point my website would show up. But to no avail.

    A month ago, however, I wrote an article. After publishing it, Google Analytics revealed that that article was ranking in 10th position, thereby appearing on Google Page 1. The result? A sharp rise in traffic: from 2 (before the article was published) to a whopping 16 (the week after). A simple analysis led me to see the difference between that one article and all the others published before it: that one article targeted a keyword used by only a few other websites in my niche.

    In essence

    It is not enough to keep publishing articles. If you do, you are placing your fate in the hands of probability, hoping that by chance, it all plays out in your favor. Instead, be strategic in your approach. Before publishing an article, be sure to target a keyword that has NOT been widely used.

    The objective here is to rank on the first page of search engines. As Jay puts it in one of his webinars, "that's when all sorts of magic start to happen". And the best way to achieve this is to target keywords with very low competition, as we are taught here at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I hope this helps to encourage members who crave search engines 1st page ranking.

    To your success!

    - Trodvies

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    CandP Premium
    Congratulations on getting your first page 1 ranking. You seem to have found the formula for success.
    Colette and Philip
    Trodvies Premium
    Indeed, I have. And that's exactly what I'm going to apply, moving forward. Thanks to you guys for the continued support. All the best!
    Jessibelle72 Premium
    Great post! Thanks for sharing. And here is to more celebrations! You deserve it!
    Trodvies Premium
    Thanks, Jessica, for the comment. Much appreciated. Wish you best of success in your business.
    FKelso Premium
    A very important point that everyone needs to learn. Keep on honing those keyword skills, because those help your ranking. Now you have learned that and can teach the folks who have not figured that out yet.
    Trodvies Premium
    Thank you, Fran, for these encouraging words. You continue to inspire us here. That's why we follow you.Cheers!