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When I first signed up for a membership here at Wealthy Affiliate, I kinda’ sorta’ felt awkward at disclosing my real name. After about a week, I realized that being here ... well ... I have NOTHING to fear ... and so, I decided to edit my profile. I went to my profile image in the header, clicked on it, using the drop down menu, selected Account Settings ... and clicked it.Once I arrived at the next web page, I scrolled down to Account Setup Progress: Completed Tasks and clicked on
October 24, 2016
As promised ... here are the results of EVERYONE'S choices as to WHICH logo I should use on my affiliate website ...Thank YOU all so very much for your input ... much appreciated!For those in need of having a logo created for them inexpensively that is ... I recommend That's where my 3 originals came from.Now I've got to get back to work, cleaning up my website's sloppy image tags as per Robert's training yesterday. sure to rea
October 22, 2016
Okay ... got 3 logos to choose from. There is one that I prefer ... but ... I would like to here from ALL of YOU ... and, I will definitely only use the one that is liked the most. Just so you understand ... this site is NOT a relationship site. It is a business site ... find your passion dot come was gone.Here, which ONE do YOU like best?UPDATE: Phil's (aka feigner) suggestion shown below......and, this one is loaded on my site right now, so take a peek: O
October 18, 2016
My Wish For WA is for a PREVIEW option for use when blogging to other members here at WA.Too many times now, I have had to edit my blogs immediately upon publishing because a line space didn’t happen correctly, an image disappeared or didn’t display right, a typo was caught, etc.If given the option to PREVIEW exactly how my blog post here at WA is going to appear once I click on the Publish button, then members will be less likely to have to receive, say, 5 messages that I have just
October 16, 2016
Recently decided to merge my first two affiliate websites built here at WA into ONE new website; so set out one day to learn all that I could BEFORE I began my task. Purchased my new website domain name: useyourpassion.comBacked up both of the older websitesInstalled a NEW plugin I learned about WP Optimize me stop my list of tasks here ... to tell you that WP Optimize helped me by removing any and all post and page revisions, as well as optim
October 10, 2016
In requesting comments for my blog, I received this one shown above. As you can see, it is NOT a comment ... rather feedback.At first glance, I truly thought I had received great feedback, but alas that turned out not to be true. Nowhere in my post did I mention to “setup” a Facebook, Twitter, etc., account. Besides that ... nowhere on my website do I refer to myself as Triblu; I clearly refer to myself as Trish. Needless to say, I clicked on “Disapprove”, explaining jus
October 09, 2016
There were two identical twins and they were alike in every way ... but one.One was a hope-filled optimist who only saw the bright side of life in every situation.The other was a very dark-minded pessimist who only saw the downside in everything.The parents became worried about the extremes in the children of optimism and pessimism, and so they took them to the doctor, and the doctor suggested a plan.On their next birthday give the pessimist a shiny, new bike but give the optimist only a pile o
October 06, 2016
When I was 7 years old, my family was forced out of our home because of a legal technicality.I had to work to support my family at age 9.While still a backwards, shy, little boy, my mother died.At age 22, I lost my job as a store clerk.I wanted to go to law school but my education wasn’t good enough.At 23, I went into debt to become a partner in a small store. Three years later, my partner died leaving me a huge debt, which took me YEARS to repay.At 28, after developing a romantic relatio
Yipeeee! Thanks to a WA member who took the time to contact me privately after I whined in a comment under Kyle’s post “Need website comments? the give and take comment thread” posted at: Have tried posting a request several times now under Kyle’s post ... and only after following his instructions of pay it forward by making 4 quality commen
How many times have you clicked on the Publish button and then freaked out over either a typo ... or the way your text message appears?For me, too many times. Like when I first tried to embed a tweet made by Gary Loper but the WA plateform wouldn't allow the tweet to display the way it might in a regular WordPress post. Well, now the image above tells all. Now you too ... well, for those who were not aware of this option previously ... can fix your typos ... add UPDATES and even change out an i