How do I postpone my automatic funding?

How do I postpone my automatic funding?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hey folks! I'm currently unemployed and have been officially since April 2021. I've not touched my training at WA for ages now and am having serious doubts about the niche I've

Thanks folks, I've completed the sad task.

Have you tried to contact site support? I always find them very useful

profile picture -> account settings -> press the detonate membership button & then stand back

safety glasses are also recommended.

That is so funny. LOL :-)

You're on a roll these days, Dale, lol!

He must be bored :-)

lmao. just an expert at procrastinating ;)

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Can someone assist with google analytics issue?

Can someone assist with google analytics issue?

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Everything Wordpress

As part of the training guides and modules I've installed the Wordpress Plugin - Google Site Kit. Google Console works fine, as I've mentioned elsewhere Google Adsense isn't s

Not sure Treadston, but first do you have a Google Account, are you opening from that account to login and are you using a Google email address. I am sure that you probably are, but that has to be the first question.

My understanding is that you have to open from a google account, then open a campaign or an Ad, then follow the questions you have to fill in. You will have to post your card with them, but nothing is taken out until you put up your Ad and spending amount that you want.

I think Google is given free (token) Ads, if you know how to set it up. You must post your info however.

The next question is...are you trying to post a paid Ad? Remember, you have to have an account with Google in order to set up analytics. Analytics comes with a posted Ad or Campaign. I think I am saying that right. I use google analytics, so I know it is working.


Thank you for your contribution, but your advice is too far down the line. I've not even set-up Google Adsense yet due to the COVID-19 replies I'm receiving from Google. Analytics isn't set-up either as after trying to create an account I'm geting an error stating "missing account token" or something like that.

My bad Treadstone. Sorry. I see Chris has got your back. Good luck friend.


As previously mentioned, your website looks good, as in it contains the right pages and is SSL secured. However, you have entered HTTP at the AdSense end and this needs to be HTTPS.

For Google Analytics, are you trying to create an account through the SiteKit plugin or do you already have a Google Analytics account with a UA number? If you do not, then could I suggest that you create the account directly at Google and not through their flawed plugin ;-) (I've already mentioned that I don't like their plugin haha).

Thanks for yourresponse. Regarding Adsense, I haven't entered anything, I think some of the information is pre-filled in boxes I recall, I just followed the training to install it and the steps on screen and it's got me where I am.

There is an instructional email that comes through, that directs you to feedback about the process and it does state about COVID-19 and can't process it at the moment. I just keep re-submitting it, the code is already embedded and sending it back until I get a different result. I don't think I'll be using Adsense anyway.

The Google analytics is what I wouldn't mind having at my disposal but I get the token error thing. I think I'm applying via the plugin as I've not got a UA number (what's this?)

I hate Google's SiteKit plugin with a passion, it is still very new and has bugs & flaws. It only came out of beta at the end of last year.

I need to double-check the training here at WA, but I'm pretty sure Kyle doesn't mention SiteKit.

Personally, I would remove the plugin and do the steps the traditional way, which is to apply and obtain the settings directly from Google's website, then apply them to your website into the headers using a plugin such as the Headers & Footers or Ad Inserter. I prefer Ad Inserter as it provides you with more control.

Hello Steve,

Here is the link to a recent training for Google AdSense: I got mine set up easily following the steps with that training.

That said, do you have a complete website with About, Privacy Policy, and Affiliate Disclosure page? How many posts have you published? I waited until I have a decent amount of posts before I apply to Google AdSense (over 30 posts).

Also, have you checked if your URL is https not http? Because if your URL starts with http Google will see it as not secure. Go to your Site Manager, click on Details, and see if the Site SSL is turned on.

If you have an error message maybe it is best to contact Site Support:

All the best,

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What options are there when qsr goes beyond 100?

What options are there when qsr goes beyond 100?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

This is only a quick one in order to get the knowledge of other minds. I've been doing some Jaaxy keyword research for a new article and diverted away to look at some of my sa

I would personally just leave it and move on.

If the post was ranking well but not anymore, then I would try to improve the content.

I would not change the keyword in the places you mentioned because this basically resets the "post maturing process", and you'd have to wait another 7 months for it to reach the peak rank for the new keyword.

And I wouldn't be worried since your QSR was fine when you wrote the article, it just means your article is way more "matured" when compared to those who wrote theirs afterwards.

When something like this happens. I tend to search for new keywords related to the topic or gives the same meaning. Now, if the new keyword is related but a question to a part of the old article, I write a new original article and then connect them together. If the keyword has the same meaning as the old one, I rewrite the old article and add the new keyword. I leave the old one inside the article for sure.

How do I calculate affiliate commisions?

How do I calculate affiliate commisions?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

I've recenty been accepted for another merchant to work with within my niche but I've encountered a scenario I wish to air and get other views on from you all. My niche is the

Hey Stephen,

Kyle's training provides a formula, so I am confused with how you came about setting your posts up like you say that you have.

Each merchant has their own commission rate when someone purchase from them, while others offer PPC (pay per click). However, you would need to seek out each merchant's information as to the amount per click or any other commissions provided.

Hope you find this helpful.

How much do I write in image desc and alt text? confusion

How much do I write in image desc and alt text? confusion

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Search Engine Optimization

I've recently produced this blog in order to get some solid answers on image descriptions, alt text and if used, captions. What to write and importantly, how much? The questi

Great reply from Marion.

This should help

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