Quality Over Quantity

Last Update: November 12, 2019

"Obi-Wan, promise me you will train the boy. He...is the 'Chosen One'...he will bring balance to the Force. Train him."

---- Qui-Gon Jinn

It seems the universe is filled with infinite examples of balance, an opposing opposite of something is always present. When ever there is rain it's always followed by clear skies, wherever there is evil there is good to fight back, big and small, wide and narrow, hot and cold, black and white and the dark side and the light side of the Force.


My Partner and I have this saying we use quite often, "quality over quantity" and here's the story why. Presently I live alone in a smoke and pet free home. A proper "man's pad" apartment kitted out with home theater and enough cabling and wiring around the place to wrap circles around London twice over!

My Partner also lives alone, well apart from a noisy dog with anxiety issues and a lovable ginger cat. She's in the process of selling up and moving on now and hopefully soon will find somewhere nice just in time for our two year anniversary together this year.

Because of our living situation, own commitments at home and work (my Partner does shifts, whereas I'm welded to a set weekly pattern) we find that getting together for some time is difficult and we both feel we don't spend enough time together and when we do, it goes fast. There's an odd weekly visit between us which is cut short because of early nights and work commitments and some weekends are halved due to shift work from my Partner.

We do our best with the time we have and we are both still happy. We make sure that we have great times together, getting on and creating lasting memories and experiences. Finally, we came to the conclusion that it's "quality over quantity," brilliant, happy times in whatever time slots are available between us.

Applying the Principal to WA Work

Keeping the saying in mind, I feel that I'm the same with all the Wealthy Affiliate work I've done so far. As I've already mentioned in a few of my blogs and my profile possibly, I'm a thorough worker, meticulous for details and perfection (if there is one.) I'm a conscientious worker and take pride in all I do. I really am the "tortoise" over the "hare" any day, in all things. This isn't wrong or right but does get me pausing in doubt about the work I'm doing here so far.

I'm still only on level two, around the "Hanging Fruit" chapter at this point of writing this. I've not done a massive deal of articles just yet but firmly believe in the "quality over quantity" principal. This may not be the right attitude here, maybe I'm too slow, fussy or not making quick enough progress. I sometimes feel I'm hampered by my own self and character. I'm enjoying what I'm doing, it's taking shape a little and looks content rich enough so far.

So, I'm blogging this in order to get some support perhaps from the WA community, encouragement or similar thinking from someone else. Reassurance that what I'm doing is fine as is the way I'm going about the work. Maybe I'm worried of just not progressing quick enough and getting lost in the details and not the training.

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Barley1 Premium
Great post. I agree I've always done quality over quantity.

JoePlale Premium
Hey M'Friend .. If you Keep On Doing It, and It Keeps On Working 'for You', Then It is The Right Way, For You, to Do It !!

See .. "Life truly is Simple and Easy to understand"

OK Then .. Let's "Git-R-Done"


phil1944 Premium
Sounds like a plan to me.