I Feel The Need For Speed - Fuel Injected Writing

Last Update: November 12, 2019

Cruise Control

I've recently and finally finished a "keyword rich" article which I'm proud of and have had a good response and feedback from members of the WA community, thank you all, you know who you are. The article has taken a while, not that I regret this as I'm going at my own pace, enjoying the journey and want to present a great job.

My website is in need of a little work according to the stats, this is why I took time out from writing and started feedback on other websites, to gain feedback or comments on my own. Now that is in place I wanted to start on a couple of speedy articles before rejoining the training. These articles are a slight diversion from the training as I'm not advised to do another, but I know my article quantity is slim pickings and my website needs that boost and fuel injected writing.

Speedy Recovery

I'll keep to the templates and word counts still for my posts and they won't be a rushed job, I just feel I want to add in a couple of quicker created articles. So, the keyword digging has already begun. So many community members have advised me to, "just follow the training" this is why I've only started writing an article when instructed, but on this occasion I'm just gonna do a handbrake turn, let those back wheels drift a little and take a slight detour.

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AlexEvans Premium
Nothing like taking the odd detour Steve, the great thing about this online journey is that we get to set the pace and direction we want to travel.

Looks like you are getting into it and forging your own routine, one of the best things at we can do.