First "Keyword Rich" Article Published

Last Update: November 12, 2019

I've hit a milestone I've been aiming for today, which is the completion of the first "keyword rich" article. Weighing in at 2,418 words and after cutting it shorter based on Wealthy Affiliate community advice and recommendations, I can say it's finished, complete and published - with room to add to at a later date.

I've had to edit it further and mess with it in WordPress, as I still haven't confidently got my head around the spacing, paragraph, heading, indents and bullet point functions in Site Content. With the help of WordPress and regular updates, I was able to visualize the outcome of the tweaks. I can now comfortably leave this section and move on with the training.

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smartketeer Premium
Congrats Stephen!

The first step is always the hardest ...

Your journey has begun ... Godspeed!
PoppaJoe Premium
A small step for mankind, a giant leap into the world of affiliate marketing. Congrats and keep going.