Dotting The I's and Crossing Those T's

Last Update: November 12, 2019

The Cleaning Process

I've taken time out and a moment away from the training and any forward momentum, to look into the details of my website so far. I've been interested in re-visiting my pages and re-reading my articles, checking for punctuation, gramma, layout issues and overall presentation.

I've been in a "cleaning and polishing" mindset, looking into other themes and what they offer, different styles and colour for the site, even after such great feedback from the community. I've been researching into quotes and double-quotes in writing and when to use them as well as making sure that all my posts are formatted consistantly. It's time consuming, as is cleaning your home but I don't want my website to be just "white" I want it to be "bright white".

Feng Shui Online

I've taken a good look into Wordpress themes, other websites and community websites that I've engaged in. I've gathered a little more insight and inspiration from what I've seen and restyled the layout of my website.

As I've mentioned to other members in the past via email, message or comment, I don't want to steam ahead and divert from the training too much, want to stay on track and all, but I've made a few additions to my posts with some videos that compliment the articles well and are a companion to my writing.

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JKulk1 Premium
It sounds lovely ke you know what you're doing. All the best. Jim
Carson2 Premium
Excellent recipe for success.