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Last Update: January 23, 2019

I just wanted to create a short blog before powering down and report that this evening I've been getting creative, putting my 'Photoshop 7' skills to good use and creating some western themed photos for one of my keyword rich articles. Using various techniques, methods, filters and skills in this area, I've converted some simple photos to an old west style and making them look, vintage, old, worn, dusty etc.

It's been great fun to work on and will fit nicely into my published article. As some of you might know, 'Photoshop 7' is a powerful piece of kit that can work all sorts of miracles and effects with your images and stock photos. I've got hold of the big hi resolution image sizes and can only hope that the 'EWWW' plugin compresses them nicely and they won't cause me any issues into the future.

The image featured in this blog is my starter image that I've converted to a western theme, there's a few more to do and add yet but if you're interested in seeing the outcome visit the link below.

Image Creation and Transformation

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