Blue Monday Can Be Colourful

Last Update: November 06, 2019

Monday is always a blue day for some, first day back to work after a weekend of rest or play, not much happens on a Monday and it always feels like an integration day, getting the mind to focus on work and get into gear after a weekend and ready for the working week ahead. The working week realistically starts on a Tuesday, well for me anyway.

So what's been the highlight of my Monday so far, well it has to be a small change with regard to my website. Small but surely powerful, I've had an email from WordPress regarding a comment made on one of my articles, which I've read but I didn't approve of it as it's either spam or a friend of mine joking about. Something I've written in an article was questioned with a sexual slant and was commented on by Mr Mike Litoris. Yeah I get it, but I don't fancy approving my first comment on the site of this nature or angle to be honest.

Secondly I've got myself a colorful "G" now for one of my articles/posts and an email tells me I've now got a Google indexed page. I think this is good news, not sure exactly why apart from what I've learned so far and that it's traffic to my site related, which is obviously amazing. I recently watched a recommended video from a community member and it mentioned to try not get too obsessed "waiting on a Google ranked index" etc as it's like "watching water boil". Anyway thought I'd share this small happy moment for a Monday, any news is good news.

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Treadstone02 Premium
An update to last nights blog, I've received furthur emails informing me that my other articles are also now part of the coloured "Google" gang. Is that good WA?
AlexEvans Premium
Mondays can be the hardest day of the week for many, looks like your, week is off to a flying start there Steve.

Best wishes.
Treadstone02 Premium
Cheers for the comment Alex. Worse of it is I'm setting an alarm for 05:15, getting to work for a 06:30 start and I'm in a job I hate and don't want be a part of.

I'd rather be getting up in my own time, grabbing a coffee and ploughing into WA, lessons, knowledge, my site progress etc and basically have a more enjoyable, structured day. Pity I'm not reaping any earnings in yet as that picture I've just painted is my goal!