Getting Started: Your Second Day Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to Day 2 of my One Week Program targeting entry level affiliate marketing.

Second Day Objective: Researching And Learning How To Find A Niche Market

How To Choose Your First Affiliate Niche Market:

Greatly one of the most important decsions of your affiliate career will be what you intend on targeting for a market. In the begininning this is the first crossroads you will face. My suggestion for your first Niche Idea, A topic you are knowledgable in or passionate about and even better if a combination of the two.

But also keep in mind having Knowledge and or Interest are not something that entirely make or break lucrative markets either when engaging online endeavors.

Example being, Avoiding topics that are too narrow initially they usually dont have a large enough viewers or following base to begin with and should be entertained with caution if at all. But another valid example would be the affiliate marketing niche or for a better term ''The Making Money Niche'' which will ultimately open you up to a world of competition.

Which if you know what your talking about people can usually tell the difference, but in the early stages for yourself. Finding that middle ground right now will be paramount when shopping the Niche markets.

Nice Evenly Popular and Broad Starter Niches - But what to choose?

During your break-out phase into the trade you'll want to stick the the Big 3 "Evergreen". Ive included them below as follows.

  1. Monetary (Money & Finance)
  2. Wellness & Health / Fitness
  3. Dating & Relationships / Adult (XXX)

Although these are easily the most broad topics of life, that's absolutley alright because I'll explain this shortly.

If you choose to pick a market in relation to these three you should be in pretty good shape. These are essentially driving the world everday and are the most commonly relatable topics in life. They also are the reason for a lot more conflict in life and thats why we are in business.

The goal in life is to keep these 3 demons at bay and people will spend a Damn good amount of money doing so, it the nature of things unfortunately. This creates a huge opening for anyone with any knowledge to write about these issues and how to solve them.

With the amount of stirring competition within these 3 Niches, There is also the most money to be potentially made. Remember competition is good it shows that there is movement in the Niche and that people are meeting it with success. Picking up on those little trends will make you an entirely better marketer.

Should you be a little marketer in a big market or a big marketer in a little market?

Little Market - Big Marketer:

The other half of the bunch like to choose a small segment of a large market becoming the king of the hill in that field. Examples of these markets would Financial assistance niche, seniors or social anxiety in children

- These Niches in most circumstances will always be broken down into a sub-niche market level.

Big Market - Little Marketer:

More marketers will pursue this method because they want to compete in a huge online marketplace and effectively carve out their very own segment. Examples would be mental health and awareness/solutions, Making more money niche.

Do you see the difference?

- No strategy is the correct strategy, In fact, just pick the one that makes the most sense to you because ideally, it is you who's going to have to be conveying this to others so it is going to be what makes the most sense to you.

My Process For Niche selection

Once you find your selected market you should immediately look for untapped opportunities within that market or submarket. Really dig into the sub-niche levels of these markets because it is there you will find the gold and the untouched secrets aplenty. Focus on specialization in that market, what would make you stand out as an expert on that particular topic. What would make you the all seeing guru...

A few of my blogs are modeled after such tactics I have practiced... See for yourself:

Being in and involved with Recovery and Selfhelp groups I have my own Recovery blog - Drill Down Your Niche Into Sub Niche like this Example:

Mental Illness > Substance Abuse > Alcoholism > Treatment > Recovery > SelfHelp

This is the spectrum you want to achieve when breaking down into a sub-niche level.

Thing That Will Most Likely Help When Looking For Niches:

  • In general, most solvable problems are niches themselves is you can find a mean to improve on old world techniques.
    • Make sure you're targeting a niche and not a trend sometimes they can be confused
    • Read a newspaper for inspiration, Classified Ads can be a host to sub-niche markets.
    • Keep an eye on Billboards these are usually asking the same question other people are.
    • Commercials, As seen on TV is easily the biggest gold mine of Niches
    • Radio - Advertisements can give you inspiration
    • Hot topics in the workplace, gossip, relationship woes and even sex life.
    • Providing Products To Demographics, New Mothers, New Born, Mothers that are expecting. These are all good examples and potential to earn.
    • Providing professional services is a Niche it is own, If you are an SEO wizard sell this as a niche!
    • Snoop Into Affiliate Programs Like Amazon, CJ Affiliates - See What is New and Trending!
    • Become the master of your Niche and don't be prone to jumping around this is such a bad habit in its self
    • Check Jaaxy, Tinker with Google and see what comes up
    • Take a glance at the competition but don't stare, see what others are doing and try to get a step ahead but always look towards others success for inspiration even in Niche Markets
    • What is internet money being spent on at this given moment, I should know for a fact it is Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency but this could change overnight.
    • Check out click bank for new digital product trends and anything you can take as inspiration
    • Wealthy Affiliate is a Host of Options as well - Communities with other marketers on forums or in conversation are great places to pick up crumbs
    • Passions, Hobbies, and Interest
      • Home - Fitness - Self-help
  • Practice breaking down niches every time you see something, what is the next relevant issue in that chain of an item. Once you have programmed this mentally it will make your marketing experience even more enjoyable and understandable. As you evolve so will your practices and what you do to derive your information.
  • Anyone looking into Niches and Trends should brush up with some analytics software, this is nothing overwhelming and in fact, tying most of your websites into Google Analytic's is a very easy process and one that will have an article on my blog.

This Sums Up the Lesson For The Day

So start Researching the possibilities of using the Big 3 and choose your first niche.Note: Not confident? Not a problem, there is now an affordable automation tool available that can help get you on the right track automatically Day 3: Researching A Domain Name That Will Get Your Site Started

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celiacman Premium
You really have a good affiliate marketing guide for all of us to use
Rwstretch Premium
Thank you, Jeff! I Appreciate the kind review :)

- Ross
Dhind1 Premium
Great stuff. This is definitely what is needed when starting out. Easy to follow and covers the basics
Rwstretch Premium
Ill have the last 3 days published tomorrow, its gonna be a pretty neat little program. But yea short and sweet, I was kind of using it as an introduction to give to my friends so I didn't have to keep explaining it all the time over social media. Hows your social media stuff going now? My account went dormant for a week and a bit
Dhind1 Premium
Still working on it, but I will not be giving up. I might not be good at getting some things done for myself. But I am stubborn enough to keep working on it. The training you put together is clear concise and easy to follow. This is a talent you seem to have. Great that you are leveraging it.
Rwstretch Premium
It comes in time my friend, I'm here for you when you need a hand. I certainly changed over a few months as you will too. Its Process and to be honest it gets easier it feels easier I can assure you that much. I didn't know what to expect when I arrived. Once you make the first sale and it doesn't matter how big or small but once you see it and you know it can be done it lights a fire like no other because for you it becomes real at that point :)
Dhind1 Premium
Thanks, I am looking forward to that first sale.
Rwstretch Premium
It's Pinnacle! :)
Edi67 Premium
Thanks, for sharing this valuable lesson. Much blessings. Edi
Rwstretch Premium
You are most welcome Edi!

Thank you for taking the time to review :)

- Ross
AngelaTr Premium
This is a very insightful training and also easy to understand. I already got the idea about my niche in my mind, but your training helps me to re-consider and develop my ideas further. Many thanks for sharing!
Rwstretch Premium
You are most welcome!

Just like breaking down Niche's into submarkets we must always continue to break down and simplify the training and format for new marketers to take in the process. :)

Thank you so much for the kind review!

- Ross
TomCaldwell1 Premium
Absolutely awesome training!. Worth big $. Thank you Rwstretch for giving this valuable training to us for FREE!. Now folks, the key is to put it into action.
Rwstretch Premium
Thank you for stopping by my friend!

Always a pleasure :) and it has been a great experience giving back something to the community!

- Ross