In this "Simple Business Execution Plan" training series", you will learn how to set, stick to and achieve your business goals in simple 6 easy steps.

In the previous training we discussed "4 ways to do competitor research analysis in your niche"

If you've got some tasks or a to-do list for your business but you're finding difficult to take action, follow these 6 easy steps. They will help you take action quickly.

Step 1: Work Out What You Need to Do

The more specific you make your tasks and to do list items with a reminder of the benefits of doing it, the more likely you are to do it.

If you have something vague on your to do list like...

"Go through my Wealthy Affiliate training"


"Launch my business website"

Chances are, if you are somebody like me, you won't take any action on either of them.

You'll just look at them and say

"Hmmm, what exactly is it I'm supposed to be doing again?" and then sit and procrastinate for a while and not take any action.

Then it gets put off forever and ever, until it's eventually ignored.

The reason is that it's too vague and unspecific. It's not concrete enough in your mind so does not feel like a real task you have to do.

Your brain hasn't acknowledged it as being something that must be completed.

Try this Instead...

Create your to do list as normal and write down the tasks like

Go through my Wealthy Affiliate training” or

Launch my business website” or whatever you need to do.

It doesn't need to be too specific at this point as you'll flesh it out in a second.

Then let’s move onto step 2...

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Very great lessons. I can use it to manage my time. Thanks a bunch.