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Added Jul 20, 2013

Author Labman
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I saw some questions about using WordPress Categories and noticed that the resources were a bit sketchy on how to use them.

I put together this short tutorial for you to learn how to set-up Categories and get them into your menu.

As I was reviewing this, I noticed that in the Edit section I didn't update the page after I changed the categories. You must do this to save your changes.

I hope this makes life easier for you.

Please Like the Tutorial when you are done watching it to help me get feedback.

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STenney Premium
Hello, and have a blessed Easter.
STenney Premium
Hey, Labman acn you check out my website and tell me what I doing wrong. I put them in categories. But, I think I'm doing something wrong. Here is the link
STenney Premium
Well, I learned a lot from your tutorial. Very helpful. Thanks.
Labman Premium Plus
You are welcome
Donnas88 Premium
Phew...that was a bit of a struggle for me to understand but happy day, I did it.
Thanks labman
Donnas88 Premium
thanks labman that was great and taught me what I needed to know. My theme is a bit different but I'm guessing the main gist is the same. I'll hit you up on questions if I get stuck.
Thanks again,