Here is a short training on how to set up "Discussion Tab" in your YouTube video. As we all know how important it is to engage with our viewers, whether on our blog pst or our Videos in YouTube.

I am sure, as Comments & Engagement is an important factor for Google and an important matrix for good ranking in Google, Comments & Engagement with our viewers on our YouTube channel, must be a matrix for ranking in YouTube also.

We all know that Jay has started an ongoing month long Wabinars on YouTube.

The YouTube series starts with: Introduction to YouTube Marketing

I have started a new channel for my bootcamp site. But what I found, that there was no Discussion Tab! So I was searching Where is the "Discussion Tab" in YouTube?

So after little searching, I found out the way. It's all in Setting area. You can make the "Discussion Tab" appear on your Youtube Channel in two ways,

1. First through Settings.

2. Second through YouTube Studio.

Let's first see how ot set up "Discussion Tab" throguh Settings of YouTube

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Pedrone Premium
yes its a while now that I have been thinking to get more involved into youtube as to generate leads ......
thank you for this valuable insight post
have a good day
mybiz4u Premium
Hey S, hope you are welll and thnx for sharing.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thank for the simple and easy to follow training.
CandP Premium
Thank you, Shubhaangi, that is very helpful.
Colette and Philip
Joy3 Premium
Thank you jivitaa. On the last page of the training, could we select "Hold all comments for review? " How would that work.
Thank you. Very helpful