When Can You File Taxes For 2017
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Description Preparing for the upcoming 2017 tax season in the United States will soon become an unavoidable necessity. It could make a difference in the amount you receive in a refund; It could prevent audits, deduction loss, and help keep yours from incurring any delays. This course is to help you get organized and show you some things you will need to make filing go smoother.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Your Rights to Know
How and When to Prepare for Tax Season
What You Must Have
New Tax Laws You Should Know About
Filing Deadline
DIY vs. Professional Tax Services
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terrycarroll rated this Course 8/10
Having read through the lessons on here, it seems that the US tax system is much more complicated in the US than it is here in the UK.
For any UK readers I would just make the point that, if you run a small business, whether as a Limited Company or as a Sole Trader, you will almost certainly be in the Self Assessmewnt category with HMRC (UK equivalent of IRS).
The process of filing tax returns under this category here is quite simple and the submission forms plus the instructions are downloadable from the official HMRC website.
As always, it is adviseable to get help from a reputable accountant if you are experiencing difficulties, but in 5 years of business, I have not come across anything I couldn't handle.
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