Being new at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) can seem scary at first. In actuality, WA very simple. Once you know what and where everything is.

When I first joined, I didn't have much on the background of WA. I just joined. It was very spontaneous.

I can't remember exactly why I joined. It has been almost 2 years.

However, I do remember that I never took action on anything WA has to offer. WA just seemed too confusing and I didn't want to take the time to learn more.

Fast forward about 6 months and I come across WA again. I think I ended up reading a review and I decided to login and give it another try.

After spending about an hour figuring things out, I was hooked.

I learned a lot, but the main thing I learned was that Wealthy Affiliate is an honest company with honest owners who truly want to help everyone achieve their own level success online. WA provides everything necessary to make that happen. I personally, and plenty of others, have success because of what we learned here at WA.

In these 7 very quick lessons I wrote, you will learn exactly what WA is, how WA benefits you, what and where everything is located and exactly what you are provided with as a member. Then I will show you how to get started.

So, let's get right to it and start learning the basics! If you have any questions while going through the lessons, let me know below.

If you would rather watch a video explanation of everything I am going to cover, Kyle created an excellent Walkthrough video that explains what you need to know.

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Israel17 Premium
It's been awesome here at WA since I joined! Thanks for this training! As for the ambassador rewards and what anyone can gain being an ambassador, you may read the resource below. Thanks!
JohnJStanley Premium
How about the comparison with siteground?
I have the two websites I want to grow as my first 2 niches with Siteground until 2020. I did the 3 year GrowBig deal.
Its A$7.45/month but was around A$180 for 3 years
1. Should I leave them at Siteground forever?
They are top ranked/best affordable hosting per this site: (very fast servers, officially recommended by WordPress)
2. Should I transfer them to WA only at the end of the deal that I prepaid for (3 years) to around August 2020?
3. OR Should I terminate that and transfer them to WA early (if so how do I get money back from Siteground?)
4. I note that I'd get Privacy Protection and Sitespeed if hosted at WA, are there any other benefits over the hosting at Siteground?

Note I already have OptimizePress 2.0 so don't need to page builder/theme aspects at WA as OP has this covered.
The catch seems to be that, that would lock me into WA US$359 for many years, life? as the administrative effort to go back and lose features at #4 would be a disincentive to ever move right?
MozMary Premium
there are some extras with the hosting here, but the thing is now that you are already with them you can explore how you like cpanel, you can also test the hosting here by setting up a free site, you don't have to make a jump in the dark

I wouldn't leave it 3 years, in case there'd be any traffic loss and as for refunds you need to talk to Siteground about their Ts&Cs;
you won't want to be hopping around hosting wherever you are later on anyway, and few of them will be cheaper than $299 when you consider the free stuff added on here

as for the fee here, you can get it cheaper on Black Friday and it covers more than the hosting, there's training and help
JohnJStanley Premium
Thank you!
I have setup a 3rd website as a training one, to help me complete the training modules "", this is my third niche website but for Course Level 2 onwards I want to only update my first two niche websites (well the 1st website THEN the second one, so I can focus my limited time).
I quite like the cPanel on SIteground since August 2017 when I signed for 3 years hosting.
ACTIONS FOR ME: check the Siteground T&C about cancellation, consider doing a move or not before I get any traffic

5. "as for the fee here, you can get it cheaper on Black Friday and it covers more than the hosting, there's training and help"
How much is it PA for Black Friday? Is that November? We don't have a Black Friday concept in Australian culture (seems to be a north American thing)
Thank you
Mokoffee Premium
Nice! The comparisons were an eye opening reveal for what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Thanks!.
Gridgewell Premium
Really Good Getting Started learning so much
DeeDee289 Premium
This is an excellent breakdown of Wealthy Affiliate. Well done!
davidpate20 Premium
Thank you very much DeeDee.