What is HTML Code

Welcome to my HTML Coding Tutorial. When you have completed today's lesson, you will know the basic rules for creating a web page using HTML coding. You will also learn the following:

What You Will Learn

  1. HTML Required Rules
  2. How to use the Head & Body Tags
  3. Where to use the Heading & Paragraph Tags
  4. Creating Hyperlinks to other web pages and websites
  5. How to add a Hyperlink to an image

What's an HTML?

HTML is kind of like a programing language used by web browsers, which allow the visitor to view what is on a webpage.

  1. HTML is short for Hypertext Markup Language.
  2. HTML has rules for communicating to a web browser called syntax.
  3. The broswer job is to change the HTML code into a viewable webpage, by converting the HTML file.
  4. A hypertext is a text with a link in it.
  5. A Markup is a language which bring the text to life on the webpage.
  6. Markup could be a list, tables, images or links displayed on a webpage.

If you have any questions about html coding, please use the dussicion group or send me an PM here at Wealthy Affiliate.

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It's been around a long time. I used to do some raw coding in it 15 years ago!
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Back in the 1990's I started learning WYSISYG ( what you see is what you get)

It's the same, just about.

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