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There will be quite a few newcomers to Wealthy Affiliate who might have heard about Google Adsense but may not know what Google Adsense is all about and how it works.

Also, there is a lot of positive and negative opinion about whether it is worth having a Google Adsense account.

At the end of this tutorial I am going to give you 2 links where you can go to decide for yourself!

One of the links will take you directly to the Google Adsense Tutorial (positive) and the other link will take you to one of the WA Ambassadors' Tutorial (objective).

I have been trying to learn how to build my internet marketing business for over 4 years now, and one of the first things I was advised to do was get myself an Adsense Account once I had a website that might be worthwhile in Google's opinion!

Right from the start, I want to let you know I am yet to have any personal experience with Google Adsense. I built a website, which I thought looked OK and carried enough content and met all the criteria they demand you have. And this is what happened...

I was disapproved, then I was approved, and then I was disapproved again and still I am disapproved! I don't know why they approved me and then disapproved me...they won't tell me!

I have seen this topic floating around in here at WA so I thought I would try to explain what Google Adsense is all about and how it works.

The next page is...

What Is Google Adsense?

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gs1954 Premium
thanks steve,until i get enough traffic to my site,adsense doesn't make sense.
Steve1958 Premium
You're welcome...
You should apply and they will tell you what you need to do with your site...
TitaWorks Premium
Thanks, Steve....
Steve1958 Premium
You're welcome Netta...
FordeBiz Premium
Ok, you got me interested let's see what you have.
Steve1958 Premium
Not quite sure what you mean Benedict!
WilliamBH Premium
Great Steve .. Cheers, William.
Steve1958 Premium
Merry Christmas William!
Thanks for dropping by...
Phil-58 Premium
Cheers steve,
ill read later,
Steve1958 Premium
No probs Phil!