What is Branding Positioning?

Setting My Brand in Their Minds

Them big companies got an image of us and that's putting it lightly. It's hard to tell sometimes, but I belive it's like they're playing God. Feels like they think they made us in their image, with them having all that control and power, but I know better.

Now I'ma let you in on the secret. Let me tell you what I've been doing, you may come up with your own plan after reading this training.

I'm sending my brand straight to their minds, deep in their brains. Gonna send them a message that I'm that business they were told to watch out for. Coming up for the bottom and rising up to the top, that not a metaphor. Let me show you how I open doors.

Your Brand Must StAnD OuT!

I was going to sweeten this up and sugar coat it for you, but I changed my mind. Just going to let it go with the flow.

I'm standing out, you see, no cookie cutter Internet business here for me. No, I just started on phase three and I'm fine tuning phase two; Phase one, that the reason why I'm here. To have fun and help you.

I'm putting together a crew and we build websites, but not just any type. We're calling them Sites for Christ. We spreading His gospel throughout the worlds, using our websites as our microphones, living off the minimum while give back the MAXIMUM.

We're building a world wide network, so we can connect up and help you increase your net worth. Go ask the richest one of them, they'll tell you this is how it's done.

Go get you some water now, I'm about to show how my plan can do nothing but bless ya, from border to border; highlighting your business and bring in some orders. WOW!

Did you follow the instructions over on page two? That was your first lesson, dude. You need to learn to follow directions. Now head back over there and answer the questions, cause I'm showing what the rich do. They do what they have to. Don't feel bad, they learn from their mistakes to.


You have to find what will make you stick out like a sore thumb slammed in a car door. Ouch!

Let's bring the fun back up into this training for you; I'ma take you to an amusement park and show you my view.

What's your favorite ride? Is it the Lazy River that you let guide? You better get up offa that thing, before you fall in and drown yourself. Let me show the rich people comfort zone, and give you some help.

You gotta get your mindset right for flight, to get your assets up off the ground. When you start doing the things you need to do, it'll come to you naturally, no playing around. The ideas will pour in and all the benefits will come out, when you work it faithfully.

But you gotta believe in yourself and come from the back of the line to the front where the action is. Get involved, revolve to learn how to get your problems solved.

I can't help it, it just flow up out of me at incredible speeds this poetry, I don't try to stop it, I just let it be.

Remember that story I told you about the dreamer and what happened to him after he planted his seed? Here's the link to it, some people quoted it as really good read.

Ok, here's a sneak peep of what he did. He figured out what the problem was for a few businesses, so he approached and told them why it is.

Offered them answers along with solutions, put his plan in action, he provided them proof of this. Show them how he fixed it and they show their satisfaction.

He's just growing while he was warming up, a little spout with a big mouth that knows what he's talking about; Continuously spitting it out.

He named it seconds2work, and offers only personalized services to his fellowmen.

You still with me Gee? This is how the rich is free. Standing out above the Earth's filament, forget those clouds I find them limited, they keep me from the elements.

You got do like they do, keep your bad butt in school, keep up with the rules and stop hanging out with them fools. Find a new crowd, stand up be LOUD, be proud and come up with your own original style.

I hope you getting my pitch here, yo' Don't be expecting no images on this here page though, this ain't no picture show. It ain't even designed for them Google spiders, but it's made for true survivors.

Come on let's take a final trip to some personal branding tips. When you're done I'll show you how you're going to keep this fun, and how to make the money come.

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A unique distinguishing marking for ownership and success!
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Wrappin it up and giving it a name
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