What would we do without Google?

The definition is a little complex for my taste...basically, a plug-in is just extra. WA has preinstalled the necessities for you, just activate them. You do not need to keep them if you do not want to. I don't use Si Captcha, some people also use a different SEO plug-in. That is more than okay.

Plug-ins not only make your website look more professional but they also make some things more convenient! Because honestly, who would rather do things the harder way? Don't say that you would just because you want to sound tough(:

Starter Members! Remember that you cannot install additional plugins.


Shall we move on?

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Mustard seed Premium
Thank you Kylie, very clear and informative. I have no doubt a lot of member would find this information very beneficial as it is not covered to this extent in the training.
AlanCross Premium
Good job Kylie!
dhicks35 Premium
Thank you for the information. Plug ins make our job so much easier. With your explanation, I now understand more about the process.
Annick Premium
This will definately help all who are new to WA. Good work !
burnzy Premium
Great training! I use photo gallery plugin to display my art work images. It is great if you have a lot of images you want to show.
Have a great day!
KylieL Premium
Thank you for the suggestion!