Introducing the next evolution of Wealthy Affiliate...

Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project!

First off, I want to explain what the Open Education Project (OEP) is and how it will impact you and how you can benefit from it.

Over the years we have been working towards a community of sharing and engagement. We have accomplished that in many senses, however our training has lacked for many reasons.

One, people that have very little incentive to share are unlikely to share. They are going to focus on improving their existing business, not offer training to others. Incentive comes in many forms, and with OEP you are going to get credited and rewarded for creating training.

We are a community, we are not two people!

As a community we all have something to offer, share, and contribute to help others. As a community, collectively we can learn independently at a much greater scale by contributing, interacting, creating, and networking as a group.

You are now going to have the ability to interact within other people's training, offer feedback and get help. Instant notifications and the delivery of new training via your friends and on a global scale is going to lead to much more efficient education, as well as in personal growth.

If you are not interested in creating training, that is fine. You are not required to. However, if you do create training you will have the ability to become a controlling factor within the Wealthy Affiliate system by earning ambassador status, which will we get into more detail later.

So, here we are! Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project.

This is "iteration 1" of many and over the coming days, weeks, months and years, you are going to see OEP shape into the best education platform anywhere!

In this training, I am going to walk you through the MUST KNOW components of Wealthy Affiliate, OEP. This should help you acquire a solid understanding of how to use the system, interact within it, get support, make the best use of it, as well as earn revenue from it.

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kommerbbb2 Premium Follow Me
I am really just so confused right on, as to why, MY post was just removed...<' you should at least people a small private message telling them which specific rule, they broke when you act out these restrictions....:/
JudeP Premium Follow Me
Have I broken blogging rules
autumn56 Premium Top 200 Follow Me
do you have a specific example? normally when the rules are broken you get a notification (warning) about it. as long as people don't go around marking it as spam, you aren't offending people, or promoting things you have most of your bases covered
JudeP Premium Follow Me
I posted a blog about the events in Paris but it was not a rant or anything - I was just saying that we should all keep moving forward despite any problems we face :)
autumn56 Premium Top 200 Follow Me
quite a number of people posted about it, considering the tragedy its not surprising that people would be asking for happy/safe thoughts etc. same thing with holidays and the such so i wouldn't be concerned =)
ShandaGreen Premium Follow Me
Rule #2; Do not copy anything from WA even my blog content to my website
Q: Aren't we blogging on our website? Is that a total different scenario?
I set up a site through Rubix and posted a few thing. I am still in the works of it all.
What content or blog information are you referring too??
johnbigdeal Premium Follow Me
May be he is talking about his website content
MHainsworth Premium Follow Me
I think it means - don't copy anything anyone has written here within WA and put it on your own website as your own content.
Sammysweetz Premium Follow Me
i have come to a stand still ATM!!!!
DCooley Premium Follow Me
I have no idea what a tag is. It says I have to add 2 tags to my blog.
Descriptive words to help others find your Blog.
A Selfie Stick website might use selfie stick, how to use a selfie stick, android, monopod, etc.
Make sense?
stephhill Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Yes. The tags are keywords that are relevant to your blog so they can be searched for using those tags or keywords. Let me know if that helps
Yes, that confused me when I joined. Tags are just ways of grouping posts by their subject.

When you've written your post, look down at the bottom and you'll see two buttons. Blue is "Add tag" and green is "Success Post".

Click the green and it adds a tag for you, You'll see it appear in the box below it. That's one tag done.

Where it says ""Go ahead and add some tags" just start typing in some words relevant to your post and a list of other possible tags will appear. This will give you some ideas for possible tags. You can choose an existing one or type in a completely new one. Click the blue button when you're done.
shelley8492 Premium Follow Me
I have a question about #3 above. I finally have a training topic about networking on facebook fan pages that I haven't seen mentioned here. Yea! I can finally contribute. I found info about this technique while researching how to get more exposure for my fan page. My fan page will provide info on how to create a fan page and use it as a networking tool. So, of course, I want to put that info on my fan page which links to my new website about making money.

So, I could use this info in 3 places, but now I come across Google and duplicate content and the above where I can't even post my own training elsewhere. ????

I can see that I could create the training, post it on WA and use my affiliate link on the other sites, but I don't want just a bunch of links to WA. Do I? I would think some written content would be better. Not that this is going to come up frequently for me. It seems just about everything has already been blogged about on WA.

So whether it be my training or someone else's on WA that concerns my niche, can I put a synopsis on the fan page and/or website and include the affiliate link, so there aren't just links? Or do you have another suggestion?

I struggle enough to write and get my postings done, let alone have to re-write twice. Just want to be within the rules.
Missa3 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
"can I put a synopsis on the fan page and/or website and include the affiliate link, so there aren't just links?"

Yes you can and should. Your fan page will only need a few lines or a paragraph to lead lead them to click through to you WA page where your full post will be.

JudeP Premium Follow Me
Good morning Shelley. I am a freelance writer on other platforms and would be happy to assist you with any writing you are finding difficult. I also charge a reduced rate for WA members. I am following you so feel free to do the same and private message me if there is anythign I can help you with :)
shelley8492 Premium Follow Me
Thanks for the offer JudeP. Most of my writing issue is taking the time to do it and trying to make it perfect, so I end up spending way too much time on it. Following you back.
ConeyM Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Finally, my efforts learning WA lessons partially paid off. More lessons to take in order to be well-informed and educated. My first website will be published soon and is mobile friendly too. I changed my theme twice and finally got a responsive one.
GoSparky Premium Follow Me
Hi ConeyM - Its all about trial and error and education. keep on posting and you'll achieve your goals.
GenniLink Premium Follow Me
I'd love to hear more about how you "finally got a responsive one". PM me if you have time! It's a huge learning curve!
ConeyM Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Thanks Gennilink for connecting. Our website should be mobile friendly, and what I did was to browse thru the Word press Themes and read the details of the ones I selected. If it says responsive, then it is mobile friendly. Way to go, Gennilink.
GenniLink Premium Follow Me
Thanks for your reply. I'll do that! Just have to keep learning...
ConeyM Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Celebrating my 1st month with WA....and this is real education for me. Learning then earning....really inspiring!
PjLucas Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Live chat rules. Please behave or you will lose privileges.. Simple.. I commend the people putting up with the drama lately.. I am nervous as it is with the chat room and I would rather just avoid it now.. Such nice people working on real issues needing help, needing links/pages checked, I tend to be funny when I am nervous and apologize for that, but if I had a problem I would pm you not go over live chat. Kudos to some patient people out there...who have each other's backs.... I appreciate those who are in there helping and working at every level.. Helping us find answers.. It is a great platform not to be ruined by one or two individuals... But sometimes, and I have seen it done with great care, lately, with no rudeness, the bad apples get called out.. Kudos!
SuccessfulO Premium Follow Me
Thanks so much for mentioning this growing issue that needs to be controlled. I think we should research what we need and -if we do not find answers then we go to the chat to ask (at least is what I try to do before 'bugging others'). I go there to help as well if I can. Sadly I have seen a couple of people commenting between them "how st... people are for asking st... questions" and that's not fair because those people asking are learning like any of us. New or not new... Anyone has the right to ask in "WA's chatroom" and that does not mean we are not smart. If anyone thinks they know everything then why to even bother to come to the chat?or if you come to say hi then refrain from negative stuff, please. Understand that not everyone is lucky to be a computer techie or savvy about IM or related matters.

If we are going to help, then let's do it with tolerance and kindness, otherwise we will scare people away (not premium members overall). We all need to support one another and the chat is another great WA's tool to help and learn... not a nasty Fbook chat.
Thanks so much to you PJ, and to all the awesome members that help others everywhere here at WA with genuinely care, patience and kindness.
Thank everybody sincerely for paying it forward to the awesome WA community :-)
dbishop Premium Follow Me
Can I post my Aweber contact form link in my WA message?
britcobritco Premium Follow Me
Am a better member after going through rules comprehensively.Observing rules keep a community together.
SocEnt Premium Follow Me
I'm glad I read this! I was a little fuzzy on what was ok and what wasn't. Good to know
maluth19 Premium Follow Me
Is following others also spamming?
Serana Premium Follow Me
Hi Maluth I do not think it is because you are only following to build up your list of WA community members. If they create blogs and training videos, you would be notified of this via email and this could be beneficial to you at some point or you can guide others who need a hand. I hope this help to answer your question.
PhoenixFlame Premium Top 50 Follow Me
No, it is not Spamming if you Follow other WA Followers.
PjLucas Premium Ambassador Follow Me
No, following is not spamming.. ;)
via Loes
maluth19 Premium Follow Me
Thanks, Serana.
Serana Premium Follow Me
No problem happy to help.
"Spamming" is sending someone an email without their permissions to make contact.
daniel2015wa Premium Follow Me
Hello ChrisGooden - You're my hero, so I ask the question to the expert: I am promoting WA with my own website and wish to include research (within the WA training resources and Blog postings) basic information to present to potential WA members... I do not copy/paste these topics word for word but I do spin (into my own wordage) the points I wish to present... I'm assuming this is acceptable, am I correct in doing so? Best wishes from Danielll.
Taking in information and putting it out in your own words is, for the most part, acceptable. But, to be on the safe side, collect the information from multiple sources (rather than just one) and produce your own summary of that pool. That's unequivocally your own "creation".
PjLucas Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Helper community! Safe haven from spamming! Very good information here, thank you!
maluth19 Premium Follow Me
I have never seen this before until now. Good to know. I have already started breaking some of these rules!

I'm gonna take care now...
ErickaP Premium Follow Me
I think you should put the link at bottom, your intent is to be helpful. So many people lack the community of support needed to be successful