Introducing the next evolution of Wealthy Affiliate...

Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project!

First off, I want to explain what the Open Education Project (OEP) is and how it will impact you and how you can benefit from it.

Over the years we have been working towards a community of sharing and engagement. We have accomplished that in many senses, however our training has lacked for many reasons.

One, people that have very little incentive to share are unlikely to share. They are going to focus on improving their existing business, not offer training to others. Incentive comes in many forms, and with OEP you are going to get credited and rewarded for creating training.

We are a community, we are not two people!

As a community we all have something to offer, share, and contribute to help others. As a community, collectively we can learn independently at a much greater scale by contributing, interacting, creating, and networking as a group.

You are now going to have the ability to interact within other people's training, offer feedback and get help. Instant notifications and the delivery of new training via your friends and on a global scale is going to lead to much more efficient education, as well as in personal growth.

If you are not interested in creating training, that is fine. You are not required to. However, if you do create training you will have the ability to become a controlling factor within the Wealthy Affiliate system by earning ambassador status, which will we get into more detail later.

So, here we are! Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project.

This is "iteration 1" of many and over the coming days, weeks, months and years, you are going to see OEP shape into the best education platform anywhere!

In this training, I am going to walk you through the MUST KNOW components of Wealthy Affiliate, OEP. This should help you acquire a solid understanding of how to use the system, interact within it, get support, make the best use of it, as well as earn revenue from it.

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GailS Premium Follow Me
Thanks for posting this.
Timard Premium Follow Me
Hey! I found out to day by Robert boomergp08 post or blog on this day Tuesday May 21, 2015 that the rules at WA are very important to older members as well as newbies. "WA Rules - Wealthy Affiliate Rules & Regulations" are an every day thing that all members deal with on a daily bases. I had no idea these rules exited till I seen the posting. Thank you so much Robert for pointing this one out to me, it is very much appreciated.
boomergp08 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
You are welcome Timothee. Glad you found it and it was helpful.
emerald860 Premium Follow Me
Yes, Timard! They are! I've been here for a few years now and don't recall ever reading them. I was glad for the chance to read them and book mark them! Alanna
Chabelita Premium Follow Me
Indeed many thanks Robert, never I encounter the WA rules and regulations, only today.
DaisyB Premium Top 200 Follow Me
This is an excellent idea and method of share/helping other people to learn the system here at WA. I am glad I was referred to this set of lessons as I didn't know about the open education system or what it meant. Thank you very much.
larryf20865 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Eriksen Premium Top 200 Follow Me
I kinda needed that "refresh". Thank you.
rwagener Premium Follow Me
I don't remember seeing this until pointed to it today by another WA member. Its really useful information. Thanks
KuSo Premium Follow Me
I just found out to day, May 9, 2015 that these rules are important part of WA. I read today a blog from Robert (boomergp08) titled "WA Rules - Wealthy Affiliate Rules & Regulations" that focuses on these rules. Otherwise I had no idea of this page existed. It is so good to keep them in mind and be familiarized with them so we protect ourselves and other new members that will join WA community in the future. Great information
KimWatson Premium Follow Me
I just found them today, myself. They are definitely something to keep in mind. Thanks!
boomergp08 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
AWESOME! My blog is working just as I had hoped! So people can find out about these rules.
emerald860 Premium Follow Me
This is great information I didn't know existed. I think this should be part of any "welcome to the community" message when someone signs up to WA. I'm keeping the link for that very reason!
SuzetteH Premium Top 100 Follow Me
I agree emerald, I was here for months before I seen this!
jason702 Premium Follow Me
Aaaaah this is very helpful.
solidbase Premium Top 100 Follow Me
I just want to make 100% sure about something.
When I welcome someone to WA, I like to say a few words in that person's home language.
I cannot see it as being spam, but what if someone does not understand it or see it in the right spirit, and hit the spam button just because the "think" it "might" be spam ?
So, is English the only language allowed here ?
Thank you
tommo1968 Premium Follow Me
I would say putting your main text in English then add a sentence or 2 in their own language would be OK.
solidbase Premium Top 100 Follow Me
That is exactly what I do.
It is just my way of trying to show sincerity in my welcoming message, rather than the standard, Hi, and welcome".
Many thanks for your response. It is appreciated.
Kingfisher Premium Follow Me
Hi Teuns
I agree with Tommo1968, keep the main body of your posts in English and maybe just put your salutation, or your final sentence, in the appropriate language.
However, if the person in question has arrived here at W A, it's fairly safe to assume that they aleady have a reasonable command of the English language.
solidbase Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Oh yes, for sure they will have a workable knowledge of the English language. As I said, it is just a little "something extra" that I add to make my welcome more sincere and genuine.
Thank you for your thoughts. Much appreciated.
GARYPICK Premium Follow Me
Thank you Kyle!
Bpanther12 Premium Follow Me
I am so excited to get involved in this community. It still feel a little lost a present but i think i need to step back and take a big breath then finish the certification course.
RPenders Premium Follow Me
I really want to contribute and give value to the community but because I now already have had 2 warnings I'm not gonna post anything new until this is explained to me in detail what I'm doing wrong before I get banned by posting something that is not approved and I'm unaware of.
RPenders Premium Follow Me
Hey Kyle, can you give a few real life examples with screenshots so that we better understand the rules

See, I've read this post already 10 times over and still don't understand everything.

Because I don't realize that I'm doing things wrong I sometimes get in trouble and I want to prevent that in the future.

Thanks for having the patience with me and if you see me doing things wrong please tell me exactly in detail what I did so that we can prevent issues in the future. That would be greatly appreciated mate.

Best regards, Ricardo Penders
Rich908 Premium Top 200 Follow Me
I would love to get involved with the training once I have my feet firmly

planted on the ground with WA so to speak.