Introducing the next evolution of Wealthy Affiliate...

Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project!

First off, I want to explain what the Open Education Project (OEP) is and how it will impact you and how you can benefit from it.

Over the years we have been working towards a community of sharing and engagement. We have accomplished that in many senses, however our training has lacked for many reasons.

One, people that have very little incentive to share are unlikely to share. They are going to focus on improving their existing business, not offer training to others. Incentive comes in many forms, and with OEP you are going to get credited and rewarded for creating training.

We are a community, we are not two people!

As a community we all have something to offer, share, and contribute to help others. As a community, collectively we can learn independently at a much greater scale by contributing, interacting, creating, and networking as a group.

You are now going to have the ability to interact within other people's training, offer feedback and get help. Instant notifications and the delivery of new training via your friends and on a global scale is going to lead to much more efficient education, as well as in personal growth.

If you are not interested in creating training, that is fine. You are not required to. However, if you do create training you will have the ability to become a controlling factor within the Wealthy Affiliate system by earning ambassador status, which will we get into more detail later.

So, here we are! Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project.

This is "iteration 1" of many and over the coming days, weeks, months and years, you are going to see OEP shape into the best education platform anywhere!

In this training, I am going to walk you through the MUST KNOW components of Wealthy Affiliate, OEP. This should help you acquire a solid understanding of how to use the system, interact within it, get support, make the best use of it, as well as earn revenue from it.

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Barryw1 Premium Top 100
Could you imagine if members were allowed to promote? It would ruin the entire concept.
Yes, I belong to several where cross-promotion is the norm and it's as pointless as most traffic exchanges - everyone shouting and no-one listening.

WA is heaven.
ruthrobinson Premium
Kyle, Thank you so much. I thought many times I was not able to be a trainer but when I read this it dawned on me...People need training on how to be an Encourager! Lots of people just don't know how. I can teach them. For some it seems as hard as it is for me to remember all the points about web building which is why I have to go over and over again the information. BUT...encouraging words flow so easy out of me and touching people is really easy too when you know how. So I think for the first time I - Ruth - the one who is learning how to build sites is going to teach people how to build up people! Yeah - I got it. Like you said -everyone has something to contribute and if I can do it Anyone CAN! Thanks again for developing the best site in the WORLD!
Rubyparker Premium
Thanks for the training. I think this is awesome, I think I learned a lot. Now I will try and put some of these suggestions into practice.
coolsfancy Premium
This was awesome training.
marcus92 Premium
I found this training to be very well explained. Great job Kyle.
catlady13 Premium Top 50
Is there a forum? Or is this just dated and it doesn't exist anymore.
Labman Premium Top 50
WA used to have a forum instead of the Blog posting on your profile page.

This is an old dated post.
catlady13 Premium Top 50
Thanks Labman
Juneyo Premium Top 100
Regarding the no 9 rule, if we give external links to WP, GA or GWT help info, does that even consider as spamming?
The key point in Rule 9 is "required to go".

Sometimes an external link is useful to provide wider context or understanding, but the main objective of the post must be contained in the post without someone being "required to go" there in order to understand the post.
Juneyo Premium Top 100
Understood. Thanks for the clarification =)
DIAB Premium Top 100
Hi Kyle,
I would like to ask where can we post our site address if we need technical help with our website and someone is ready to help?
wreed Premium
so all blogs or post belong to w/a with the website whats the external website?whats the difference ?
I think what you're asking is related to domain ownership.

WA owns your SiteRubix websites.
If you own your own domain, you can take it with you, if you ever leave.
wreed Premium
i am referring to the rules for blogs in w/a. i can't use it on my website or the domain i'm sorry i am not understanding the rules clearly .thanks stay healthy wealthy and wise
wreed Premium
thanks i think i got this one. have a beauty full wonder full wondrous day
Okay, you're welcome!
The-Fran Premium Top 100
I've enjoyed a number of trainings created by members, including yours, Kyle. Even one nugget of new information, or a different perspective is worth the time spent to read all the way through.

I've created many tutorials—not here, yet. But it makes me appreciate the time, effort, dedication, and followup of contributors, to pass it on. Thank you!

Rubyparker Premium
This was quite enlightening. I enjoyed it.
GregAyers Premium
Nice WA affiliate program!!! With so much unemployment out there I know a lot of people are looking online to find financial relief,going to work on this after i get my first site ,you guys are Great!!
valhowell29 Premium
Love the idea of OEP. Seems like there are lots of great ways for people to earn money.
Nayro Premium
This is awesome!
Nayro Premium
I am looking at rule 6
Does it mean I cannot post a YouTube video on my site for visitors to learn from? Thanks
Most hosting sites won't allow posting videos - they burn bandwidth like a forest fire.

This is why all YouTube vids have a "share" link which enables you to embed the video in your web page while it remains hosted on YouTube.

YT vids are perfect teaching tools for your site, and there are thousands of them.
Nayro Premium
Thanks a lot. Does that mean I can use you tube videos
Using the "share" link, absolutely. My sites have dozens of them.
Nayro Premium
Thank you so much Chris. I feel more comfortable. I do look for the vides with high views and great comments. Is that what you do too? Thamks
I look for vids that project what I want to get across.