Introducing the next evolution of Wealthy Affiliate...

Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project!

First off, I want to explain what the Open Education Project (OEP) is and how it will impact you and how you can benefit from it.

Over the years we have been working towards a community of sharing and engagement. We have accomplished that in many senses, however our training has lacked for many reasons.

One, people that have very little incentive to share are unlikely to share. They are going to focus on improving their existing business, not offer training to others. Incentive comes in many forms, and with OEP you are going to get credited and rewarded for creating training.

We are a community, we are not two people!

As a community we all have something to offer, share, and contribute to help others. As a community, collectively we can learn independently at a much greater scale by contributing, interacting, creating, and networking as a group.

You are now going to have the ability to interact within other people's training, offer feedback and get help. Instant notifications and the delivery of new training via your friends and on a global scale is going to lead to much more efficient education, as well as in personal growth.

If you are not interested in creating training, that is fine. You are not required to. However, if you do create training you will have the ability to become a controlling factor within the Wealthy Affiliate system by earning ambassador status, which will we get into more detail later.

So, here we are! Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project.

This is "iteration 1" of many and over the coming days, weeks, months and years, you are going to see OEP shape into the best education platform anywhere!

In this training, I am going to walk you through the MUST KNOW components of Wealthy Affiliate, OEP. This should help you acquire a solid understanding of how to use the system, interact within it, get support, make the best use of it, as well as earn revenue from it.

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Gordi Premium Follow Me
I think it's a great idea to have a safe environment, without worrying about being scammed.
Kozmick Premium Follow Me
Excellent information. Thanks, Kyle!
QuistMedia Premium Follow Me
Great lesson. I think that people who embrace the information in a positive mindset and take action immediately will be successful.
3SEASONGIFT Premium Follow Me
That is good for helping training at WA, how about the one don't know the subject very good, cant they offer training.
OldMule Premium Follow Me
If you do the "classes" you will learn the basics and develop yourself to be able to do affiliate marketing. We must all start at the beginning, until we do understand, then we can grow.
Joseph-17 Premium Follow Me
hey nobody ask for TV commercials when you are watching the Football for example, so my question for blogs on this site would be, if i was promoting any product to someone as a recommendation but don't add a link to it, where i benefit financially that is OK ? like if i was promoting a great film i was watching called xyz , i think there is a fine line here,anyone get my drift. ,
pcook410 Premium Follow Me
If I understand you correctly, I can say that YES, if you share a product with the WA community here without including a personal affiliate link or in any way benefit from it personally, it's okay. We just don't want the blogs to become personal commercials more than beneficial posts that enhance our learning here. Many members will share web pages that have helpful information or products that make our jobs easier. They just don't make any money on those recommendations.

Hope this helps. ......................Pat
OldMule Premium Follow Me
A simple AMEN will be enough here - and thank you for sharing the info.
Much appreciated. Sincerely.
merryman88 Premium Follow Me
Great - Can you please give me the correct definition of Spam, it seems that any form of promotion could be called Spam by someone who doesn't like the way it was sent out So what exactly can be referred to as SPAM - What is your view of what is Spam
OldMule Premium Follow Me
My opinion:
Spam is when you put something in front of me I did not ask for.
Unsolicited email, a link to somewhere etc.
Just like the junk we get through our front door everyday! Grrr!
reefswimmer Premium Follow Me
Old Mule (great name!) put it so well. If you put something in front of me and I have not requested it, it's spam. Something commercial or product-oriented, religious, political, anti-whatever, it's all spammy.
When it happens here at WA it is almost always product-oriented, something a person is selling. That's it!
OldMule Premium Follow Me
Thank you!
Sades143605 Premium Follow Me
Two thumbs up!
yreese Premium Follow Me
The world would be a much better place if it worked like WA.
wootten Premium Follow Me
Recipe for success...people helping people...who would of thought? Very happy to be here....finally! Thanks guys
smurffsa Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle. Thanks. Never to old to learn.
karen67 Follow Me
I am happy to be a part of this site
Eddie C Premium Follow Me
Like you said Kyle, there's a lot to do here at WA that one can eventually have a full time income just by being active and doing the various things you mentioned.

Love the idea of being an Ambassador.
azuree19 Premium Follow Me
Thanks. This places everything in order.
stanh321 Premium Follow Me
Thanks for the tip,I did it when I was learning,but no more