Introducing the next evolution of Wealthy Affiliate...

Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project!

First off, I want to explain what the Open Education Project (OEP) is and how it will impact you and how you can benefit from it.

Over the years we have been working towards a community of sharing and engagement. We have accomplished that in many senses, however our training has lacked for many reasons.

One, people that have very little incentive to share are unlikely to share. They are going to focus on improving their existing business, not offer training to others. Incentive comes in many forms, and with OEP you are going to get credited and rewarded for creating training.

We are a community, we are not two people!

As a community we all have something to offer, share, and contribute to help others. As a community, collectively we can learn independently at a much greater scale by contributing, interacting, creating, and networking as a group.

You are now going to have the ability to interact within other people's training, offer feedback and get help. Instant notifications and the delivery of new training via your friends and on a global scale is going to lead to much more efficient education, as well as in personal growth.

If you are not interested in creating training, that is fine. You are not required to. However, if you do create training you will have the ability to become a controlling factor within the Wealthy Affiliate system by earning ambassador status, which will we get into more detail later.

So, here we are! Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project.

This is "iteration 1" of many and over the coming days, weeks, months and years, you are going to see OEP shape into the best education platform anywhere!

In this training, I am going to walk you through the MUST KNOW components of Wealthy Affiliate, OEP. This should help you acquire a solid understanding of how to use the system, interact within it, get support, make the best use of it, as well as earn revenue from it.

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DeborahRangi Premium Follow Me
Why is it hard to place blog in my page I've it ready to be load.
iJared Premium Top 200 Follow Me
are you trying to publish it?
Dusty08 Premium Follow Me
I am trying to order my pages and it is not working. I went to appearances and drug them into the order I want them to be and it is not happening. Getting Started and Internet Marketing is supposed to be first but even though I drug them there - its not coming up that way in my site. Any suggestions ?
GarySkoglind Premium Top 100 Follow Me
So, you went Appearance -> Menus, and reordered them... Did you save the Menu? Did you give the Menu a Name? You also need to go to the 'Manage Menus' tab and select which menu you want to use...
stephhill Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Gary offers perfect advice on this issue. Are you still having trouble with it? Let us know and we can help.
Dusty08 Premium Follow Me
Yes still having trouble. Gary, I dont know what you mean by select the menu that I want. Attached is an image of the menu page. Its in order back there but not on my website when you go to it. Thanks !
Menu Screen Shot    Menu Screen Shot  view image
GarySkoglind Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Do you see on this screen, there's another tab at the top called 'Manage Locations'. Click on that tab, and make sure 'Menu 1' is selected.
Dusty08 Premium Follow Me
Thanks so much ! No menu was selected. I have another issue that is keeping me from moving on. Maybe you would have an idea of something I have not done. I am able to put my keywords into the SEO Pack, but not the description and Title. It shows an automated title and description in grey, but in the pages section of the dashboard it shows those two items missing. Do you think there is something I have forgotten to do ?
GarySkoglind Premium Top 100 Follow Me
No, I don't think you're missing anything... For your posts/pages, as long as your keyword is in the title, and in the beginning of the content, you don't need to do anything else... Let Google index it naturally...
GarySkoglind Premium Top 100 Follow Me
No, I don't think you're missing anything... For your posts/pages, as long as your keyword is in the title, and in the beginning of the content, you don't need to do anything else... Let Google index it naturally...
GarySkoglind Premium Top 100 Follow Me
No, I don't think you're missing anything... For your posts/pages, as long as your keyword is in the title, and in the beginning of the content, you don't need to do anything else... Let Google index it naturally...
Kipps Premium Follow Me
Could someone please eleborate what is means by "No unsolicited messages to be sent through private messaging." Rule 1.Does that means that PM could be only sent if you are asked for it? I checked the dictionary which says: unsolicited offers, advice, presents, or other things are things you receive that you do not ask for, and may not want
With that definition in mind it is clear that I should not send any PM giving advice or offers that someone has not asked from me. But my confusion is for what purpose is PM created? The don'ts are OK, What are the do-s?
KimWatson Premium Follow Me
Hi Kipps! In this situation, if you have advice to offer in a private message, I would first add a message wherever that person may have asked a question offering a PM. If they respond saying they would like you to PM them, then your PM is no longer deemed unsolicited. Sending a random PM to someone would be deemed unsolicited, especially if they took exception to the contact.

Essentially, the PM system allows for in depth conversations that don't necessarily need to be drawn out in the public forum.
The PM are meant for helping and advising other WA associates. There are many of us receiving PM asking for money and solicitation offers. We don't want enyone to feel uncomfortable here. We are here for one learn to build online businesses. We shouldn't have to worry about being asked to participate in any other offers.
ChrisGooden Premium Ambassador Follow Me
We have an open forum here where just about everything can be discussed openly and transparently. Therefore it should be a very simple decision to make as to why you are deciding to use PM (as in PRIVATE message) rather than engaging in open debate.

The main reason it is prohibited is that there are unsavoury characters that would use it to plug their own agenda "under cover" that they know they would not get away with in public view.
Kipps Premium Follow Me
Thanks Chris for the valuable explanation.
Kipps Premium Follow Me
Thanks Kim for the clear explanation. Deeply appreciated.
xtiamatx Follow Me
Hello , i joined here a couple days ago i am currently doing the affiliate bootcamp training trying to build my own site as i understood it would help promote WA one of the rules here says i cant add affiliate links , does that rule apply within WA? I was thinking about adding affiliate links on my site to redirect people here so they can learn better about online bussiness , the site i had in mind was going to be made to promote WA. If i did that would it be against the rules? Can anybody clarify for me please , my first language is spanish so its probable that i misunderstood something but i just want to know im not breaking any rule.
The rule is you are not allowed to post OUTSIDE interests...anything having to do with making money somewhere else.
Spread WA everywhere...that is allowed.
Kipps Premium Follow Me
Thanks upsgirl for helping me understand the Rule better.
You're welcome...glad to help!
PSenwelo Premium Follow Me
Wow, very informative, thanks very much
Cheetalope Premium Follow Me
Kyle you keep mentioning a forum for WA members. I do not see any links or buttons to a forum page inside my WA screens. Please provide the links if a forum does indeed exist.
justeileen Premium Follow Me
It's possible that the reference to a "forum" is outdated. I know WA has the community where we can connect, a place to ask questions, a live chat area and the private message option. That's what I know about. Hope it helps, but maybe Kyle should help us out?
BobBarr Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Kyle - Can you clarify what I'm thinking is a conflict between points 2 and 9?

"2. No copied content allowed to be posted here at Wealthy Affiliate. This content will be immediately removed and you will lose posting privileges."

Totally understandable -- What we post here should clearly be our own writing.

Say, though, that I find an article on some other site that's relevant to WA and could be helpful to other members. I summarize the article, perhaps quote part of it, and add my own thoughts. Because what I'm posting is derived from content found elsewhere, I want to link to the original article for those who would like to read more on the topic. Doing that would seem to conflict with point 9.

"9. Do not post content where your readers are required to go to an external website to "read more". All of the content must be self contained within the post itself."

Am I over-thinking this? Would linking to the original article be acceptable since reading it isn't required?
TopAchiever Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Thank you for voicing an unspoken thought!
ChrisGooden Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Item 2: No copy.

What you are doing is correct. Summarise. Paraphrase. Re-quote. Add examples. All these things are your own work and are not a copy.

Item 9: No outside links.The key phrase is "required to".

Say all that you have to say on the subject. Add a link to the original if you want to, but don't make it a "requirement".
Hwihsdah Premium Follow Me
Sgenoh-Hi, yes rules keep& give order where people are concerned. It's a must! I'm a mother so rules, rule within reason!

Dawn :-)
Mark1957 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
It's good to have rules so that everybody can see they have the same boundaries as everybody else.

However, could somebody explain the rationale behind point 3 please?

In Kyle's boot camp phase 1 day 9 (?) he talks about sharing all of WA's content via the affiliate link at the top of each page and I've put a link to my own WA profile page on my website so I can't immediately see what this means.

Have I missed something here because I think I need that explained a little clearer?

suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Hi Mark,
Point 3 is about duplicate content as it would hurt the ranking of your website. I think that's why Kyle advises us not to do it.

I think I can answer your question about the link to your WA profile - what would you like to know?
Mark1957 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Hello Sue and thanks for jumping in,

Surely all of WA's content, when shared by members, is (or becomes when shared) duplicate content.

I could share Kyle's build a website in 30 seconds on my site and if somebody else does the same thing on their's, it's duplicated.

So I can't quite understand the difference between what Kyle advocated in his training and what he says is spam in point 3.

I need enlightening on this so please...... heeeeeeeeelp!!

suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
To share WA content using an affiliate link is the correct way, but bear in mind that's not accepted in Google+ and sometimes Fb, so I was told.
But when you copy and paste content into your website, that would be duplicate content.

The spam Kyle is referring to is Point 1, although if I were to send you a PM now unrelated to answering these questions of yours, that would be deemed unsolicited, no? Lol
suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Thanks.. Chris, to the rescue! Yay!! :)
ChrisGooden Premium Ambassador Follow Me
You are misunderstanding the meaning of the word "duplicate".

Amazon sells an item. Ten thousand people have links to that item. That is NOT duplication.

If you copy the Amazon description and paste the content somewhere on your site, then the same information will be in more than one place. That is what duplication means.
Mark1957 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
So Sue via the link is absolutely the correct way to do it, to just copy and paste somewhere else is the no no...have I got it now?? LOLss
Mark1957 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Thanks Chris, much clearer now.
ChrisGooden Premium Ambassador Follow Me
suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Yes :)
suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
My turn to ask a question...
When I paste a WA affiliate link in my website, does the page open up when the link is clicked or does the reader have to create an account in order to see the page?
ChrisGooden Premium Ambassador Follow Me
A very good question, with a two-fold answer.

a) They get to see the article.
b) After about 15 seconds a pop-up invites them to create an account

You can easily test this sort of thing for yourself. Send yourself the link. Log out of WA and click the link just like anyone else would.
Mark1957 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
From what I can remember Sue, the page opens as usual and shortly after a pop up appears across the content and invites the reader to create an account if they want to but they can click on the cross to clear it and carry on reading.
suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Awesome. Thanks for your reply, Mark.
suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Thanks, Chris.
I'm perpetually logged on, that's why I never got to test it yet. :)
Mark1957 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Perpetually logged on is good Sue.......never miss a thing that way!
suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Yea, I'll been watching your every move... just kidding ;)
ChrisGooden Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Maybe use your phone, or another device that's not logged on?
suetay Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Yea, I will give that a try. Thanks,
TopAchiever Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Thank you for the clear and concise update.
Internetgranny Premium Follow Me
That's a great update!!! Thank you.
Happygirl48 Premium Follow Me
I'm glad you brought this to our attention. I have to honestly say that I've felt so comfortable here and safe, that I've just been working hard to do all of the right things. I wouldn't intentionally ever be unkind to anyone. I will ask questions now about everything I do to make sure I stay within the boundaries of WAs rules. Thanks Sharon:)
SandraZ Premium Follow Me
One day browsing through some WA interesting articles I came across a man who advertised a different program. Being still very new here I thought that this is what WA is about. Yes, I was surprised, and to tell you the truth I found it disappointing. I am glad that it is not the WA way.
evanevaalexa Premium Follow Me
This is a really top notch tutorial .I have been here just over 1month and have been wondering what the rules and etiquette were regarding wealthy affiliate and the open education project. Especially surrounding the aspect of spam within the community. This has been so informative, I have noticed through some of the posts that some members have become very passionate about this issue . The lesson number 6 of 8 covers this off extremerly well. From a beginners perspective these rules protect not only the member/members but most importantly it protects the system and community at large . This I would consider to be the paramount objecive . Thankyou Kyle for this excellent information and also thanks to Robert for directing me in the right direction. This place is awesomei

Kind regards
ChrisGooden Premium Ambassador Follow Me
You can see quite clearly why we come here and stay. Glad to have you with us.
TopAchiever Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Well stated Alexander. Great to have you with us here at WA!
bradmiller Premium Follow Me
?? Is there a "forum" still as described in the OEP training.. guessing that was replaced by chat and other forms of Q/A. Also, the Keyword lists that are said to be delivered regularly for niche ideas, etc. Last one is 2013 - those are also a thing of the past? Be nice to get this training updated when possible so it reflects what is current.
ChrisGooden Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Seems like you've made the same assumptions that I did. I too look forward to the updates.