Many MLM's teach this and they have a good point !

What is your WHY ? Unlike all the get rich quick schemes that never seem to work out so well Wealthy Affiliates promises a whole lot of learning and hard work to get where we want to be.

Where is it that you want to be. What gets you out of bed and working in the morning ? Hopefully more than I have to. You should have some good solid reasons to go through all this.

Your Kids !

Your Spouse !

The Beach House !

The Ranch !

The Places You Want to Travel !

The Hot New Sports Car !

Why ? Why ? Why ?

What motivates you to find time every day ?

Sounds kind of silly, but as we go through our daily grind we often get too close to now and to far from where we want to be !

(if you feel it please drop a like down below)

I believe the next page will help you to reach your goals !

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SantaFez Premium
Great reminder...but why can't I get to the next page...I press and it just return to the beginning of the first page! ??
MikeLong Premium
Can't figure that out either. I wrote 4 pages and don't know if I made a mistake when publishing or what. I've pushed every button available trying to retrieve them with no success. In the future I will write in another format and copy and paste here so I still have content and can delete and start over till it all takes,
Fmarabate Premium

Nice training. You bring up some good points to think about.
MKearns Premium
You need to redo the training. The navigation to page 2,3,4 (or more) doesn't play!
MarkGuthrie3 Premium
Thanks too. But 1 and 2 identical
Loes Premium
Thanks for this, but something is wrong with page 1 and 2, they are exactly the same
blupearlhldg Premium
Totally Agree!