You should have heard of bloggers who learned how to create a blog and get it running, and now they make money while they sleep – bloggers who take long vacations or spend awesome time with their families, and at the end of the month, they still cash out big.

It's too good to be true right? Most especially when you’re slaving away all day and you even find it difficult to make ends meet.

Well, It’s very possible. Once you have a steady stream of traffic flowing to your blog, you can definitely in into a massive passive income machine. You can even make money on autopilot without using any shady tactics.

Check these legitimate ways you can make passive income with your blog.

1. Sell Templates and Resources you made for your Personal Use

Perhaps, you’ve heard the story about that Canadian blogger named Sherry. She once found herself in a $60,000 debt after college. This predicament many millennials shared today. Instead of paying her debts slowly with minimum payments, Sherry created awesome budgeting in Excel, which eventually helped her to pay off her debt within 18 months.

After she started her personal finance blog, she realized something; If the budget template was good enough to clear that $60,000 within 18 months, it could also help the readers too.

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