When I first started, I was EVERYWHERE in relation to my niche.

Guess what?

I didn't even have my own website at the time.

I was genuinely interested in my niche, wanted to learn more about it, AND I wanted to help others learn what I was learning.

I was in niche-related forums, in niche-related blog comments, discussion groups...the whole she-bang.

When I finally did start my own site, people would say, "Wow! I see you EVERYWHERE!"

That's when it hit me - Since I was out in my niche community participating, PEOPLE were noticing.

No, not spamming the forums and comments, but truly participating in the community.

If you really want to succeed in your niche, ya gotta get off YOUR site and get out into the community of PEOPLE that are in your niche.

This has next to nothing to do with Google - this IS about people because at the heart of every niche is PEOPLE.

Now I know what many reading this are going to say next...

"I don't have TIME for all that!!!!"

Oh really?

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jatdebeaune Premium
What good advice! It's a no brainer when you think about it. It's the best way to make yourself heard, especially when you have something special to offer people. Winners all around. Thank you Jennifer.
Apina Premium
Awesome tip, I definitely agree becoming part of a community is key to success in any business, on or offline
Laursen Premium
Great post Jennifer. Thank you for sharing this. :-)
JonnyX Premium
Classical example of my old family bar business (or any business for that matter!) in the early nineties, business grew only from good service which in turn lead to word of mouth referrals which in turn lead to good reputation and then ultimately successful business. Solid foundation for good business! Simple search and rankings are so very one dimensional for longevity and established reputation. Good post, Jennifer!
morlandroger Premium
As always Jennifer clear and to the point. Got me thinking about a few things I could do to really engage more with my target audience, particularly in the fields that I am enthusiastic about.