WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series: Week 5 of 5
1 hour Live Video Training
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APR 2016
Presented by magistudios
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5 Week LIVE Niche Case Study Series!

Watch Jay build a live niche website in real time!

This is the 5th week of our LIVE Niche Case Study month.
For the next 5 weeks, Jay will go through the entire process of building a niche website.

From keyword research to ranking in search to earning profits!
LIVE! Right in front of you and using all the tools provided by WA!

Join Jay (magistudios) for a 5 part live training series on building a business from scratch.

Week 5: This is the wrap up party! We will finalize the development and expose the long term goals for the site which includes selling the business.

* Please have your WA time zone set correctly.
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Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
A Quick 4 week recap
What Jay did between the week
Building a list with Email Marketing
Our Long Term Goals
Thoughts about Selling the Asset
Live Q & A Session
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tracyq66 rated this Webinar 10/10
thanks Jay, really enjoyed the series and learnt some really cool stuff, looking forward to watching your progress with it, it's great to see your passion and enthusiasm coming through in the webinars and the inspiration you offer for success- sometimes with the patience of a saint I may add lol - in my opinion is is a great benefit of bring a premium member here at WA.
Cheers Tracy
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Sky1922 rated this Webinar 10/10
Hay Jay,
The 5 part series was great. I had to stop all the time to apply your fixes to my site. Step by step email campaign in part 5 got me started with autoresponder
sequencing. Your clear, comedic style of teaching is the best I have experienced. Thx for the experience.
Best, Pete
How much monthly income do you estimate the completed "Standing Workplace" site will generate?
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laurieP rated this Webinar 10/10
Thank you, I have always wondered how to sell a web site. My site has a couple hundred subscribers and is pretty good. I have thought about selling it but it is my baby so I do not know if I could. I have grown to love the site and learned so much. We will see, I have thought about starting over again.....
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