WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series: Week 3 of 5
1 hour Live Video Training
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APR 2016
Presented by magistudios
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5 Week LIVE Niche Case Study Series!

Watch Jay build a live niche website in real time!

This is the 3rd week of our LIVE Niche Case Study month.
For the next 5 weeks, Jay will go through the entire process of building a niche website.

From keyword research to ranking in search to earning profits!
LIVE! Right in front of you and using all the tools provided by WA!

Join Jay (magistudios) for a 5 part live training series on building a business from scratch.

Week 3: This week he will continue to add content along with some internal page linking and social media outreach.

* Please have your WA time zone set correctly.
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Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Week 2 Recap & What Jay Did Between the Week
Watch Jay Research Products for Content
Watch Jay Optimize the Pages/Posts for Search (SEO)
Watch Jay Add Some Links (Internal, External, Incoming)
Social Media Set-up & Outreach
Live Q & A Session
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ChrisTowers rated this Webinar 10/10
The training given here really is exceptional .. Jay really has a great focus and his delivery of the important information is spot on .. I am happy to say i followed pretty much all of it and luckily I have most of these points in place already .. but some I did not... and this really helped understand the essentials what are needed... Thanks Jay .. top man!

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The-Fran rated this Webinar 10/10
I love the pace of this session; I seem to absorb more with a fast pace like this. Adding the sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, assigning the home page and blog post page within settings, and removing sidebars from the layout were not lost on me. Excellent session, although I saw it in replay, not live.

By the way, it is "adverse effect", but I expect to see that changed by the next session. Besides, who cares about grammar when you're having fun and making ten important points at once?

This video is packed with goodness!

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Literabundo rated this Webinar 10/10
Great information! Blew my mind! Thanks
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