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The affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most lucrative, recurring commission structure affiliate programs in the world. In this video I am going to be walking you through the various elements of the affiliate program and giving you an overview of the following sections.

  • Starter vs. Premium Membership Differences
  • The Lucrative Commission Structure
  • How to Get Your Affiliate Links
  • How to Set-up Your Affiliate Payment
  • Affiliate Stats and Management
  • Tracking Links
  • Automated (Autoresponder) Messages
  • View All of Your Referrals
  • Banners & Promotional Materials

This is a high level overview and there are many other training resources available that elaborate on these various sections within the affiliate program.

If you ever do have any questions about ANY aspect of the affiliate program moving forward, please do let me know in the comments below.

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Arnie12 Premium
I have tried about 10 years ago to make money on line and spent quite a bit and lost a lot. This program looks to have great training showing YOU how to do it the other ones wanted you to pay for them to do it. Also I am more focused now as I have no choice so willing to work willing to learn.
Labman Premium Plus
Yes, the program here will help you to learn affiliate marketing. The Starter Program even has affiliate payouts. I haven't seen another program anywhere that does this for the free members.
techhound Premium
Hey Kyle, great video on an overview for Wealthy Affiliate. I had put my WA efforts on the back burner for various reasons but want to get back to further developing my websites. I am going through the training again to fill in the gaps and hone my skills. I am looking forward to seeing what has changed and to make the necessary changes. Best Regards, Jim
Kyle Premium Plus
Well great to have you back Jim and if you need a hand with anything at all moving forward, please do let me know. :)
MetaGame Premium
The further I go into this training the more I love it. The automation, tools, and tracking ability are just awesome! I have been a member of other training sites and none have been this thorough. Getting more and more excited about never giving up on the dream of working from home and earning a real income. See you all in Vegas baby!
Kyle Premium Plus
Wonderful to hear. You truly do have everything you need here to create, grow and scale your business to any level online. I look forward to working with you Gary and we definitely look forward to seeing you down in Vegas next year. I know that you are more than capable. :)
I've been a member for a few months now and I just now decided to start the Bootcamp. While I haven't made any money with my website I really enjoy WA, and I believe in it. The walkthrough is very encouraging and I am excited to become an affiliate of wealthy affiliate!
Kyle Premium Plus
Treat your website like a business and it will become just that. Through time and as you build out your business in 2018 it will start to become an authority and you will start to see the fruits of your hard work.

Keep me up to date with your progress moving forward Ricky and let me know if you ever need a hand with anything at all. 2018 can and will be an incredibly bright one!
Thanks for the encouragement Kyle. I will certainly keep you updated.
Kyle Premium Plus
Sounds good!
SteveRisley Premium
Wow, the walk through video is very motivating. Awesome program Kyle. I wish I had looked into this program earlier.
As you may know, I'm already a premium member so I have that working for me.
Well I guess it's never too late to get started so I'm on my way.
Thanks for showing me yet another way to make a living here at WA. Looking forward to joining you in Vegas. The trip sounds awesome.
Steve Risley
Kyle Premium Plus
Glad you enjoyed the walk-through and as you move through the bootcamp, I really think that you are going to enjoy that training as well.

There're a lot of people making a full time living as a result of going through Bootcamp and this can certainly be you. We would love to have you down in Vegas next year and you have an entire year now to work towards this goal. ;)