WA Affiliate Bootcamp - How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns PHASE 7
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Training by Kyle
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Description Creating success within the PPC world is one thing. It is not as elusive as it sounds and once you figure it out, the next dilemma naturally becomes SCALING your campaigns to create more success. In this lesson we are going to be going through the process of scaling PPC campaigns in a way that leads to profitability and long term success.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Properly Creating and Setting up a Google Adwords Account
Understanding How to Create Relevant PPC Specific Pages
How to Set-up Google Conversion Tracking
Setting Up High Quality Score Ad Groups
Creating High CTR (Click Through Ratio) Ads
Managing PPC Prices for Maximum Benefits
Maximizing Review Pages With PPC
How to Get Google Adwords Support When You Need It
Using Comparison Tables to Maximize Conversions
The Relevance Checkbox Strategy
To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link
Maximizing Your Profits By Understanding the PPC Math
Creating Long Term PPC Success
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Kimberly131 rated this Course 10/10
Such an amazing amount of easy to read and easy to follow information here at WA! I couldnt be more excited to begin putting all of this knowledge to work. The best part is, aside from all of the training, is you have the amazing people within the community here at WA to always support you and your journey, on top of their support everyone also helps you along the way with any questions or concerns one may have. I was also very excited to see that the owners themselves actually are so hands on and helpful with the training and all questions one might have. This is truely a one of a kind community and company in which I am absolutly estatic to be apart of. I am always here to answer any questions or concerns as well. Heres to our success!
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Pauric rated this Course 10/10
This is absolutely AWESOME training. I had no idea what PPC and Google AdWords was all about even though I had seen these terms everywhere online.

And I had no idea how critical this is to our success. Or how combining PPC and organic page rankings is the key to huge traffic to our websites. And of course greater success.

Above all the simplicity of Kyle's teaching is amazing. If I can understand this so easily you definitely can too. I highly recommend that you do this training. For me it has vastly improved my ability to make money online.
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Syaifan rated this Course 10/10
My Dear

Thank you and Blessing Mr Kyle you support and endorsed the training lesson...:)

Your Regard

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pisces rated this Course 10/10
Nobody, but nobody does it like Wealthy Affiliate... I speak from a decade of lost time and money as a "program Junkie", never recognizing myself as such. But the good news is I did indeed, find WA and have been successful ever since.

I am still amazed at how Carson and Kyle was so thorough in their teachings; nothing has been left out, everything is included for such a small investment. Amazing, unbelievable, comprehensive, there is not enough superlatives, but thank you both for it all.
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