Welcome to the Affiliate Bootcamp!

Are you ready to learn a lot, have a bunch of fun, build a full time income and brand, and promote a platform that you can believe in, trust and that can truly help people in a positive way?

If your answer is yes, then you are definitely in the right place and I know you are going to love what we have in store for you in the upcoming lessons.

First things first though, a little run down of the affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate and how this training will work.

Who Am I & Why Do I Care?

I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate. I am going to be walking you through the process of building a business online, through the promotion of WA and likely other programs. I have been actively working with close to 2.7+ MILLION affiliates since 2005 and I have helped MANY create full time, 6-7 figure businesses online.

That is my absolute focus with you. Success.

I want to help you build a full time business and an established brand online. I also want to personally be hanging out with you every year at our fully paid for, annual Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas (more on that later).

Wealthy Affiliate is mine and Carson's passion (me on left with family, Carson on right). We live and breathe Wealthy Affiliate and as time goes on, the platform here truly evolves and gets better with every day that passes. We built WA based on helping people succeed, and we don't have any plans to divert from our core principles.

If you are committed to this training, I am committed to you! That I can assure you of.

So if you are ready to do BIG things online, I am ready to help you get there. :)

The WA Affiliate Program, It's Awesome!

The affiliate program here at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and progressive platforms in the world. We were born and raised in this industry as “affiliates” and we are still affiliates to this day. It's in our genetic code!

Because of this and being involved in 100’s of different affiliate programs over the years, we have a very good grasp as to what affiliates want and we are constantly working to over deliver.

There are many different aspects to the WA Affiliate Program that you can leverage to maximize your reach, revenue and overall conversions and I am going to give you a brief overview of these now. Of course as we move through the Bootcamp training, I am going to be getting more and more advanced with this training.

A few important menus I want you to understand. The first is the "$" icon in the header, if you click this you will be able to access the full affiliate resource menu (as shown below).

This menu includes several items, I am going to quickly run you through all of them and then provide you with a video walking you through the ALL aspects of the affiliate program in its entirety.

  • WA Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. This has your live countdown on "sales" needed to reach Super Affiliate status. If you reach 300 sales in a year, you will be invited to an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for our annual Super Affiliate conference.

  • Your Affiliate Link. This is your unique affiliate link that you can use to promote WA, and earn commissions. If someone signs up through your link, you get full affiliate credit. Feel free to share this link wherever you like, with anyone that you think may be interested in building a business online. It could pay big dividends.

  • Program Details. This is where you can go to get full details about the Affiliate Program, the commission structures, your main affiliate link, your incentive countdown, etc.

  • My Stats. This is where you can go to get detailed information about stats and all commissions/transactions.

  • Tasks. These are all the interaction and communication (questions) that are taking place within WA in respect to your referrals. You will want to complete these as they come in, interacting with your referrals leads to much higher conversions.

  • My Referrals. This will show you all your referrals that have joined through your affiliate link, both Starter and Premium.

  • Links & Tracking. This is where you can to get all of your affiliate links, to create your own tracking links, and to add tracking for services like Google Adwords, BingAds.com and Facebook.com.

  • Messages. These are automated, follow-up messages that you can create for your referrals!

  • Banners. Self explanatory here, these are banners that you can use on social media, on your website, or anywhere you like that you can add a banner promoting WA.

Within the top menu, you will see the Training button within the menu. Then upon clicking that, it will open the training area and you will see the Affiliate Bootcamp training area as the second item down.

If you click this menu, it will pop open all of the phases of Bootcamp. Each Phase has 10 lessons and as you move through this training and check off the tasks, you are going to notice that the Affiliate Bootcamp button text will update to reflect which lesson you are currently on.

In other words, it is a "smart" button and will always take you back to your last completed task within the training.

Your Potential & Commission Structure.

The affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate is not just advanced from a technology standpoint, but you are also getting one of the most appealing RECURRING commission structures in all of the affiliate marketing space.

Invites: They Join WA for Free

STARTER Member Commissions:

Initial Premium + Free Domain ($49) = $10 one-time commmission
Monthly ($49/mth)
= $11.25/mth recurring commissions
Yearly ($497/year)
= $115/year recurring commissions

Initial Premium Plus+ + 2 FREE DOMAINS ($99)
= $20 one-time commission
Premium Plus+
Monthly ($99/mth)
= $23.25/mth recurring commissions
Premium Plus+
Yearly ($697/year)
= $160/year recurring commissions

If you are a Premium or Premium Plus+ member here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get double the commissions as an affiliate and you also get to take part in our $1 credit program, which allows you to earn from free members you sign-up that set-up their accounts. You also earn money with each domain your referrals buy.

Premium/Premium Plus+ Member Commissions: 100% higher commissions!!!

Credits: They Set-up their account => $1 (per referral)
Domain Purchases
: => $1 recurring annually

Initial Premium + Free Domain ($49) = $20 one-time commmission
Monthly ($49/mth)
= $23.50/mth recurring commissions
Yearly ($497/year)
= $230/year recurring commissions

Initial Premium Plus+ + 2 FREE DOMAINS ($99)
= $40 one-time commission
Premium Plus+
Monthly ($99/mth)
= $46.50/mth recurring commissions
Premium Plus+
Yearly ($697/year)
= $320/year recurring commissions

**Note: on average 1:8 upgrade to yearly, depending on the affiliate, and 12% of all free Starter referrals end up going Premium.

When you sign-up someone for free, your goal is to get them to set-up their account. Setting up ones account will lead you to an initial $1 (2 credits x $0.50). These add up when you are a Premium member.

When someone sets up their account, they are granted an initial $49 + FREE DOMAIN first month offer for Premium, or two free Domains with Premium Plus+. This converts very well and almost everyone decides to stay after the first month because of the value, the quality of the services, the help they get, and the overall positive experience offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We offer lifetime commissions and lifetime cookies, which is truly unheard of in the industry. If you refer someone to WA, they are your referral FOREVER.

Unlike many programs in the industry that focus on "taking advantage of customers", our focus has and always will be making our service better. The better our service gets, the more people that stick around, stick around for longer, and the better our conversions get.

That is our PATH to making you more money. Striving to make our service the best in the industry is our goal and this will remain our constant focus. The MONEY you earn as a result of this and the trust you build from the people you refer to Wealthy Affiliate will lead you to a long term and INCREDIBLE business online.

**We pay out on the 1st of every month, and we have not missed a single affiliate payment since our inception 17 years ago. We pay on time and we pay out MILLIONS of DOLLARS per year!

Task 1: Add Your Affiliate Goals!

We have created a discussion where you can add your affiliate goals, not just for the upcoming bootcamp though. I am a long term guy myself. I know what can be accomplished in a year...a year is a like a blink in time and before you know it next year is going to be here.

What if you could make 100 referrals by next year...what about 200...what about 500....a 1000? Be realistic, but be unrealistic. You never reach goals that you thought were unattainable if you never set them.

Imagine this. If you can get just 3 PEOPLE in the entire world of 5.25 BILLION Internet users to purchase a yearly Premium Plus+ membership every day, you would $350,400 per year in passive income!

Add your goals here within the following thread.

==> ADD YOUR GOALS: What are your WA Promotional Goals in 2023?

Also, comment on AT LEAST two other people's goals within the thread. This is a community here at WA and we are all here to help and support one another in our journey towards success.

You can begin your networking now and you are going to build some awesome relationships which will only further your online success. So take a minute and encourage at least two other people with their goals as well.

I want to let you know about something as well, something that you may find exciting and intriguing.

If you can reach 300 unique referrals through the course of this year, we are going to fly you to Vegas for a private, "all expenses paid" conference (read below).

Task 2: Las Vegas, We Want YOU There in 2023!

We like to do things differently at Wealthy Affiliate. Other companies try to convince you to attend their "high ticket" conferences, we want to PAY for you to come to our conference.

Every year we run an ultra exclusive WA Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, all expenses paid. You may have noticed a counter in your Airplane Icon in the header, if you can make 300 referrals in a calendar year, you are going to be personally invited by Carson and myself to hang out in Vegas next year.

Read about the experience you can expect, and the path to achieving Super Affiliate Status in 2023. Last years conference was the most powerful, amazing conference to date and we would love nothing more than to have you there next year!

DISCUSSION: Achieve SUPER AFFILIATE Status in the Year Ahead!

Task 3: Watch the Affiliate Program Walk through

Here is an introduction video to Wealthy Affiliate. This is going to give you an overview of your stats pages and show you around the set-up of your affiliate account.


It is important that you go through this so you fully understand the affiliate program here, and the real beneifts to becoming an affiliate and promoting the industry leading platform here at Wealthy Affiliate!

You are off and running, nice work! If you have any questions about the initial steps here within Lesson 1, or anything related to the affiliate program, leave them below. :)

Tasks 0/4 completed
1. Add Your Affiliate Goals in terms of Referrals # to the Discussion
2. Comment on at least 2 other peoples goals
3. Tell us if you plan on making the Las Vegas Conference in 2024!

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Nyarkarech Premium
Hi Kyle
I just need some clarifications here
while doing the OEC i was guided to choose a niche and start a website with About me.
Now in WA Bootcamp course I am invited to start a website- are these two the same or different websites?
Do they need to be the same niche or can be different?
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - as a free starter member, you can only build one website.

So, you need to decide whether to use your own niche as explained in the OEC training.

Or continue with this Boot Camp training, in which case, your niche will be make money online.

Even if you were to upgrade to premium with the opportunity to build up to 10 websites, it would still be better to focus on just one.

It would be very challenging to follow two sets of training and work on two different websites, writing content for both at the same time.
Trina4407 Premium
I have an interest in promoting the affiliate program from within WA , my target audience is the minimum wage, dead end job employees like I was for over 8 years, this lesson was a huge realization check, an eye opener for me & I believe my son as many people I know can absolutely benefit from WA & I want to "Bring them home" to WA and offer them a journey of no looking back!
TheAbie Premium Plus

That looks like a great direction to pursue especially if those folks resonate with you, can connect and build rapport. Relationships matter.

I hear you and I like the goals you set yourself, I wish you best of luck promoting the WA programs going forward.

Kindly reach out when needing help or have further questions. More than obliged.
YvonneBray Premium
Bootcamp is a great place to start promoting Wealthy Affiliate. All the best Trina.
troy65 Premium
How long have you been with WA
YvonneBray Premium
Hi Troy, since August 2020 and I'm still learning heaps.
Martigras Premium Plus
I wasn't relating to many of the niches you explained.
But when you offered it to promote Wealth Affiliates, that sounded really smart.
I'm not relating so much to physical products, but to sell
top-notch online education: that's my niche.
I have only just started with you gents, but you, Kyle and Carson are for real. Such a lovely voice to listen to Kyle, and such straight-forward teaching. And so affordable.
I would be honoured to be an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.
I am a premium member now so will progress through the Affiliate Bootcamp program.
Thanks for putting such a great course together.
TheAbie Premium Plus

Welcome to WA and our community.

Great to have you here with us, we are sure you are going to learn and benefit greatly from WA training.

Awesome thought you are wanting to promote the Wealthy Afflicted program, however a target audience is required for the Affiliate Bootcamp aspect the make money online niche.

Target audience/niche can be anything. If you want to come up with some ideas for your Bootcamp site, you should check out the following tutorial by Kyle So many directions that you can head and many ways in which you will be able to efficiently promote Wealthy Affiliate to different audiences.

Once thought of, you may want to consult back with us, we are more than happy to be of assistance. Kindly reach out.

Best wishes.
Kyle Premium Plus
Well there is a ton of opportunity online, regardless of the direction you head. If you head through Bootcamp, I know you are really going to love the training! :)

If you need a hand with anything at all as you move forward through Bootcamp, let us know. You have a community of help here!
troy65 Premium
I am just hopeful that rhe information is going to be what I need to succeed
Tfpeacock Premium
welcome to this group really they have put great courses together easy to understand i am also thinking to put my 2 children in it
Limperio67 Premium
Hello all, newbie here and someone who doesn't usually put myself out there online. I'm great in-person meeting people,but for some strange reason when I'm online I get uncomfortable.
My question regarding my targeted direction. I'd like opinions on Full-Time RVers, Vanlifers, Skoolies and Nomads in general. The Nomad life is growing like crazy for the past 2 years. People are leaving their 9 to 5 jobs for travel and adventure, not paying rent anymore and some just can't afford to live on the wages. I myself and my 22 yr old daughter are starting our adventure next June and will both be working online.
These people need ways to work and make money on the road and I believe WA is something you can do from anywhere with the internet.

Thank you in advance,
TheAbie Premium Plus

Yes if you know those folks really well, resonate with you and can connect convey a clear message through your content, that could be an awesome direction for a target audience within the make money online niche.

You may also review this below resource moving forward Awesomeness on your adventure and great going. All the best.

Kindly let us know when needing help or have further questions.

Also it would be nice to hear how you are getting along. Much obliged and best wishes.
richardgb Premium
Hi Linda
A belated welcome to WA which can teach you how to get started and much more.

How fast you progress though is partly up to your time and effort, and partly to do with the niche and other choices you make.

If you follow the training here, working as fast as you are able (it's not a race of course) then you'll do as well as possible.

The most important thing is to keep asking questions of the community whenever you have a question. You'll find we're pretty friendly here and all wanting to achieve similar in the sense of a business online. So hopefully you'll "make yourself at home" quickly and get over any sense of discomfort.
Wishing you every success.
Limperio67 Premium
Hello, thanks for the link, I think I've read that everyday, for a week, lol.
So, I really do not know anyone anymore, is this going to be an issue. First, no niche or passion, now I really don't know any of these people or any people right now. I guess I'll go figure something else out. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.
TheAbie Premium Plus
As long as you can connect with those folks you have mentioned that could be a viable direction, if unsure, they I need to look back at it and try figure but I believe you are doing great.

We always recommend starting out with own niche vs the Affiliate Bootcamp (make money online niche) as the latter is a lot harder and more competitive, you would need to write 300 to 400 articles before you are able scratch the surface. (vs. 100 articles own niche)

You'd also need to do the whole Bootcamp in its entirety before you can commence with your site.

Recommendation is to focus on ONE niche at a time, even Kyle himself would recommend the same.

To learn more Hope this helps going forward.
Ria82 Premium
Hi Linda.. Just to checking Nomad is a travel blogger right? I remember his name because currently I'm creating an ebook Affiliate Bootcamp Challenge to serve as a guide to help people plan ahead and I include Nomad in my ebook too.

I'm working day and night with my ebook and I'm still long way to go before finishing my ebook. I can help give you some pointers and ideas if you want.. just reach out to me privately and I can try to help you the best I can.

TheAbie Premium Plus
Awesome goal, all the best.

Much obliged and best wishes.
Ria82 Premium
Thank you! I have big dreams and goals that I want to achieve. All the best to u and stay safe.

Limperio67 Premium
Hello Again,

Can you please elaborate on this please? I never wanted to be a blogger so it really confuses me.

We always recommend starting out with own niche vs the Affiliate Bootcamp (make money online niche) as the latter is a lot harder and more competitive, you would need to write 300 to 400 articles before you are able scratch the surface. (vs. 100 articles own niche)
TheAbie Premium Plus
So very welcome :)
TheAbie Premium Plus

You are needing create lots more content for an MMO vs own interest niche site. For MMO you also need do the whole coursework before you commence on your site.

Some folks want conversions and sales sooner they run with an interest site, it is depending your goals, what is important to you and what is not.

Hope that's clearer now. Thank you.