Where is the first place we come to do our research?


The Internet is the gateway to information and being an affiliate marketer, of course this is where you are going to be delivering your reviews to a captive audience. If you understand how to effectively create a review, you can drive a lot of traffic to your business, and effectively convert a lot of "prospective" buyers into actual buyers.

There are some KEY elements to any trustworthy, authoritative websites online. One of these key elements is reviewing products and services within their respective industry.

That is what this lesson is going to teach you all about, how to create through and very insightful reviews on your website. Reviews will naturally become a core component of your website moving forward and you will likely be making many product/service recommendations over time, and occasionally, helping people avoid products or services that may not help them out.

Your first focus is going to be the integration of Wealthy Affiliate into your site, but there are many affiliate programs out there that you will be able to leverage through time to create multiple streams of income. Reviewing and promoting many different products is going to happen with time.

Before I get into things, I would love for you to watch the following video on how to create and architect a proper review (I use Wealthy Affiliate in my example).


DISCUSS VIDEO: Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews

The 4 "CIAO" Principles to a Great Review

When people go to purchase anything online or offline, typically they will review it. Unless it is a complete impulse buy (which does happen to the best of us), we will spend our time researching a product before we purchase it. We want to be informed and feel as though we are making the best purchasing decision possible.

There are four core principles that I follow when creating my reviews, I call these the "CIAO Principles".

1. Captivating.

All of your reviews, and content for that matter, need to capture the interest of your audience. If you can't capture the interest, people will get through the first paragraph of your content and leave. The hard work is getting someone to your site and if you are captivating with your content, they will stay to read what you have to say.

To be "captivating" you should write as though you are writing to a friend, explaining a product or service to them. Explaining the benefits of it, how their life will be better having it than not having it.

This captivation also starts with a STRONG title and headings within your content that keep the reader engaged. Tell people what you are going to talk about before you talk about it!

2. Informative.

Plain and simple, if you don't provide people with enough information to make a purchasing decision (either to buy or not to buy a product/service), then they are going to vacate your site and resume their research elsewhere. That equates to LOST traffic and revenue.This is the reason you want to offer a very informative review, something that is comprehensive enough that someone can make a decision after reading your review. One that builds enough trust and offers people enough help that they feel comfortable enough with your "words" that they decide.

A recommendation would be a minimum of 1,000 words for every review post you create on your site. Write until you feel you are offering a comprehensive experience for your visitor.

3. Accurate.

A review should be accurate to the best of your knowledge. Make sure that when you create your reviews, that you base it on factual information. Sure it is fine to have an opinion based on facts, but you don't want to be in a situation where you are making stuff up or creating a fabricated story.

The facts can be derived from many places and will accomplished through thorough product research. The internet is your information gateway and you can learn an incredible amount about a product or service through:

  • Researching it on the product website or sales channels
  • Your own product experience (if you have tried it)
  • Forums and online discussion platforms
  • Youtube, Vimeo, and other video platforms
  • Through other bloggers and industry authority websites
  • Communicating directly with others that have tried it

Lots of ways to put together and accurate and precise review, utilize all of the resources available to you.

4. Opinionated.

Your opinion matters, in particular when the very essence of your brand and authority as you build out your website content is going to surround your brand. You can feel confident in offering people your opinionated information within your reviews if you are basing your review on accurate and factual information.

If you feel a product is great because of XYZ, then state it. If you feel it is lacking because of XYZ, then state that. Your content is unique to you and the same way that you would email a friend explaining a product/service that they should try or not try, is the same way you should present your content within your reviews. Be opinionated, it will make your reviews much more interesting to read and will lead to much better results.

Task 1: Choosing a Winning Title for Your Review

Although your review is going to be a critical element of your website and you are going to be able to link to it from many places moving forward, with ALL of your content you create your goal is also going to be to rank in Google, Bing & Yahoo.

And this starts with the KEYWORD phrase that you choose. Reviews are no different and when someone goes to look for information on something online, there are a few key characteristics and behaviours that you should be aware of with their research.

  • They Want "Reviews" of the Information. (Review, Compare, Does it Work)
  • They Are Looking for Various Product Insights (price, success stories, affiliate program, how does it work, income proof, etc)
  • They Tend to Look for The Dirty Laundry. (Scams, Ripoff, Complaints, BBB rating)

Here is a list of potential keywords that you could use within the title of your post.

  • wealthy affiliate review
  • wealthy affiliate reviews
  • review of wealthy affiliate
  • wealthy affiliate review 2017
  • 2017 wealthy affiliate review
  • wealthy affiliate scam
  • does wealthy affiliate work
  • wealthy affiliate success stories
  • wealthy affiliate ripoff
  • wealthy affiliate complaints
  • wealthy affiliate hosting
  • wealthy affiliate comparison
  • wealthy affiliate price
  • wealthy affiliate income proof
  • wealthy affiliate affiliate program
  • how does wealthy affiliate work

Here is the title I have selected for my post.

Ideally, you want to choose a title that you are not going to be changing. Once you decide on the title, and in particular once your review post ranks in Google and other search engines, you don't want to be updating your title too often (as it can tank your rankings in Google).

So choose a title that (a) has your targeting keyword somewhere within it (b) that is captivating, and (c) is something that you are happy with.

Task 2: Create Your Wealthy Affiliate Review

Great! You have your post title set out, this is going to be the premise of your review, but ultimately your goal is going to be to provide people with a BRILLIANTLY captivating, informative, accurate and opinionated review (remember the 4 CIAO principles).

When you construct your review, there are several elements that will remain critical to your review and that I tend to focus on within all my reviews in terms of the structure and design.

1. Product/Service Overview

If you look at every successful review website out there and from my personal experience, it is very important not just to offer someone a thorough and informative review, but also to offer them a much lighter weight and easier to read "overview". This is in essence of an overall product breakdown based on the main elements of the product or service.

See the example within my WA review.

These should be consistent on your website for "similar" products. For example, if I were to review other products that were in the same industry as Wealthy Affiliate, I would likely want to use the very same criteria as this.

You can choose the criteria you will be review, it is your content but this should give you a few ideas as to some "ranking categories" that you can have within your reviews for Wealthy Affiliate and similar industry related products. Be unique and original.

2. Captivating Internal Headlines

Within your content, you are going to have internal headlines using H3 tags (the size of the font). These serve many practical uses. The first being that they break up your content and make it more readable. Nobody likes to read one big massive block of text, it is cumbersome and strains the readers eyes.

Secondly, it helps you foreshadow the next topic of discussion. In the case of the screenshot below, I am foreshadowing my section on Wealthy Affiliate Support by indicating that it is a community of caring experts. This is MUCH more interesting than having a boring title like "Wealthy Affiliate Support".

So make sure you make full use of headlines within your content, it will lead to many more people reading your content and ultimately more $$.

3. Call-to-Action Links

The last main focus here is going to be call to action links that take your website visitors to Wealthy Affiliate, through your affiliate link.

Remember, as your will want to get your affiliate link through the "Program Details" tab, at the top of the page (as shown below).

That is your link you will be using on your website in which will track your referrals and ultimately the revenue you generate from your site.

To add your link, simply highlight the text you want to link and then click the link button (chain link icon) within the top header. Then choose "Insert Link".

A modal will pop-up, and then within the "URL" field, you are going to add your affiliate link.

The key to a successful call-to-action link is to create one that is entices someone to click it and it is contextually relevant to the content surrounding it. Here is an example of a call-to-action link that I created within the "training" section on my review.

These are the three main focuses of the review, outside of course creating quality, thorough content, you want to put some emphasis on having a "shortened" overview, creating internal headlines, and call-to-action links.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews. Uncut.

In terms of a site like Wealthy Affiliate, you have hands on experience with it. If you have a website in an industry that is related to the services offered here at Wealthy Affiliate, you could write a thorough, insightful, accurate, and opinonated review.

You have hands on experience, you have likely personally been connected with many members here at WA (myself and Carson include), and you have gotten a good grasp of the helpful, forward thinking and "members first" nature of WA.

Our price of membership over the past15 years has barely changed, though we have a team of 25 people working behind the scenes to move the technology, training and offering far beyond anything else offered within this space. That is our focus, and something we invest 60-70 hours per week working towards.

What was $359 and people loved as a “keyword list” site back in 2005, is now something that is obviously "light years" more sophisticated, elaborate and useful in 2020/2021, something that is still only $495 per year.

Comparable hosting alone, is $250 per month and as we progress through this year, there won't be a Managed hosting company in the industry that can compete with the hosting that we offer here at WA.

Look around the platform when constructing your review and make it personal to you and your experience. A few things you could focus on.

  • Support (Live Chat, SiteSupport, Q & A)
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Community
  • Training Courses, Step by Step
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100's of hours of replays)
  • Ambassadorship Program
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Networking
  • Building Websites
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • The Hosting Platform
  • SiteContent Writing Platform
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • etc.

That is just to name a few of the platforms here at WA that you could integrate into your review. Of course you don't need to write a small novel and included everything, but remember, you want to be Informative and thorough. It will lead to much better conversions and a better experience for your visitors (and ultimately better rankings).

Task 3: Publish Your Review as a POST to Your Website

The last task is very straightforward. You are going to simply be publishing your content to your website.

Make sure you publish your content as a "Post". The reason for this is that you are going to want to allow for comments within your review, which is going to be a critical component of your review, building trust and conversions moving forward.

Tasks 0/4 completed
2. Choose a Winning Title for Your Review
3. Create Your Wealthy Affiliate Review
4. Publish Your WA Review to Your Website

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Khalessi85 Premium
I don't get it.... I thought brand affiliates could work for companies and sell a brand based on a problem I would like to market to a specific audience who has arthritis, so I pick a product I know works, I form a link i make money when they purchase.... Or are we marketing weathy affiliates and our business is built around selling wealthy affiliates? Or is that a seperate program? What is my business how will I sell a product I don't have and help others to do so om confused
AlexSt Premium
This is the affiliate bootcamp training, and it's all about promoting Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to build your online business around a specific market that is not related to promoting Wealthy Affiliate, then you should take a look at the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course by using this link I hope it helps.
Khalessi85 Premium
I would like to do both... I will start with wealthy affiliates. But I will definitely watch the video thanks
AlexSt Premium
No problem, and if you need help with anything else, feel free to let me know, I will try to help in whatever way that I can.
Loutech Premium
That was a good question AlexSt, because I learned something that I didn't know. Thanks
Loutech Premium
I think that you are correct, you can sell the brand that you are familiar with and that you know works. If that brand has a mechanism for an affiliate link so that you can get paid, then you've found your niche. If that doesn't work for you, then you can take the Bootcamp Training and promote WA. Kyle does state that you can make a decent living promoting WA. You would also be free to take on another niche of your choosing. Just make sure that they have and affiliate link so that you can get paid.
WBonesteel Premium
I'm a little frustrated here I don't know how to write a review of something I know Very little about you should at lest allow us to use reviews form others in our review post , there is no way i can give an honest review of something i'm not 100 % sure of myself and to give a review in my estimation on the subject would be misleading
Loutech Premium
Hi WBonesteel,

I don't think that anyone at WA is promoting anyone to write a misleading review. What you can do is research the brand or product for yourself. After you've compiled the information, then you can write out in your own words the same way as if you were explaining the product to your best friend. Then if it seems satisfactory to you, you can then publish it. There is nothing misleading about that.
That's correct.
Apologies for my confusion here, I think my brain cells are not functioning properly.

I started the OEC training which talked about a niche and setting up a website related to your niche. I jumped to the Bootcamp (as I wasn't sure about my niche yet) and I've been through the training theory but not actually created the website yet as I wanted the full picture of where I was going with this first.

As far as Bootcamp is concerned, is the website I create there to promote WA and get signups, and if so then I assume all the reviews I create all relate to that field i.e. affiliate, internet marketing etc? Is the crux then just to put posts on there reviewing things?

Whereas is the OEC about adding information along with links to online stores, possibly even an online "store" in itself where nothing can be bought directly on the site (I've not been through all the OEC training so the answer to this may be in there).

Not sure if my question really makes sense!
Loutech Premium
My understanding is that the Bootcamp is to have WA as your niche. Kyle can answer that much better than I can. My approach would be to read what the community is saying about WA for fresh material to blog about. Now if you have chosen a different niche, then you would research that niche and blog about that. To your question about the crux. The idea is to be able to put fresh material about your chosen niche so that your visitors will would continue to come back to your website for good information. Your last paragraph is asking about selling on your site. That would be up to you. The WA training is teaching us about reviewing a product that we choose as our niche, and write fresh reviews through continued research. This where you have to do the work in order to keep getting paid. Remember, that if your website remains static, its like a pond with no water flowing through it, it will become stagnant. Your affiliate link to the product that you've chosen is how you get paid. Without the brand or product providing an affiliate link, then there is no point in promoting that product, because it would only amount to free advertising for that product. That would be a waste of your time and effort. Finally, I recommend that you continue to go through the training and if there is anything that you cannot grasp, then ask the community for help. For myself, I am repeating the training that I have already been through so that I can get a better grasp of it.
mikebeatty Premium
Hey James...
http://somup.com/cYQjD3XZeA I just made this video for someone else but it may also help you here! I actually mention something about this question towards the end, I thought it was them that asked it, but it was you James!

Hope it helps
coldddy8 Premium
Thanks for the lesson, This is one of my favorites because it reminds me of all the affiliate options I have!! IM READY!! I will put my full focus on this now and finally make it to the conference in 2021!! I want everyone looking at this training not to look at this goal as unattainable but look at it as something to reach for!! We can make it happen together! I would love everyone here to make it there so let's knock out the training and get the ball moving YEESS!
michaelw777 Premium
I am just going to say; you sound pumped. But, whatever your goals are; try just a little bit harder. I say this a lot. But, it is true. If you try harder. You may find that you get more results than you would have. No Offense meant. Trying to help.
TheAR Premium
Hi! I have just done Lesson 4 of the Affiliate Bootcamp training, and my website (I'm using the suggested free theme).
When I try to view my site, I can only do this by typing the url in "Incognito" mode (I'm using Google Chrome browser), not directly from WA.

Any ideas, please, how to resolve this so I can open in a normal browser?
CheungIsaac Premium
Hi! You should be able to log into your site via the Site Manager on Wealthy Affiliate. And if you still cannot log into your website, just submit a ticket to the Site Support and they will solve it in few minutes: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/support
TheAR Premium
Thank you. All sorted!
Really appreciate the help :-)