Wordpress is the most widely used platform for managing websites in the world. This is because it is "open source", meaning the general public can utilize the code.

This is very similar to how Google's "Android" is an open source operating system for mobile phones and devices, Wordpress is an open source platform for building and managing websites.

At Wealthy Affiliate we have developed the most sophisticated and secure website platform in the industry, leveraging the Wordpress framework.

One Important Aspect of Wordpress is Plugins.

Plugins are feature enhancements that you can install on your website. There are over 54,840 different plugins, everything from social plugins that allow your visitors to share your posts on Facebook/Twitter/etc, to e-commerce plugins that allow you to sell your own products directly from your website.

** As a Premium member you have full access to ALL 54,840+ of these plugins. **

Basically anything you want to do with your website, there is a plugin for it.

Task 1: Activate Your Plugins

You have three plugins that you have preinstalled with your website.

Plugin #1: Kraken Image Optimizer (Activated by Default). This plugin will crunch images that you upload to your website so they are smaller and they load quicker. This will make your website more efficient, run faster and ultimately rank better in search engines (search engines rank FAST websites better). This, combined with technology we have established with SiteRubix will give you the most optimized visual experience in the industry for your customers!

Plugin #2: All in One SEO Pack (Need to Activate). This plugin is going to be very useful to your set up and structuring for search engines. This will be used to manage your "meta" tags, which are important in terms of how search engines display your content within the results. This plugin also includes lots of other awesome features that we will be utilizing as we move through the training.

Plugin #2: Classic Editor (Activated by Default). This plugin is by default going to be activated on your website. So there is nothing that have to do on your end to set this up. The Classic Editor pllugin enables the WordPress classic editor, which in essence is a much cleaner and easier "working" environment to manage and edit your website content within Wordpress.

Your first task is going to be ACTIVIATING these plugins that are not already activated, which enable them to start "working" on your website.

To do this, you first want to click the "Plugins" tab within your side menu in Wordpress.

This will open up the Plugins menu, showing you all of the plugins that you have installed on your website. Again, with every website you build here using the Siterubix SiteBuilder, you have THREE awesome plugins added.

You will want to "check" off the All in One SEO, and then within the drop down, select "Activate". After you have done this, click the Apply button and your plugins are activated (see below).

Simple as that!

Now that your Plugins are activated, we are going to be setting them up.

The Kraken and Classic Editor plugins (as mentioned) is automatically set up and ready to work upon activating it, but the All in One SEO plugin takes a bit more work and we are going to be covering that in detail within the next lesson.

Your website is really coming along here, nice work! These are important steps that we get things set-up correctly before we get too far ahead of ourselves with content and of course, the "money" part of your business.

Tasks 0/2 completed
1. Activate the All in One SEO Pack Plugin
2. Update Any Plugin if it Has Available Update (optional)

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Akitch Premium
My direction is to assist potential Affiliate Marketers to overcome their present income limitations. So these are people who are already earning but are frustrated by the "ceiling" of their income and would like to OVERCOME THEIR INCOME LIMITATIONS.

The name of my BRAND will be:

Overcome your income limitations

Please confirm if the above is in order.
Kyle Premium
I like it Anthon, this is certainly a direction that you can head here. ;)
Hi guys. I am a new here. I am thinking about targeting struggling network marketers as my niche to promote Wealthy Affiliate. My goal is convince them to transition from network marketing to affiliate marketing so they can build passive income through it. I don't know if this would work. Could anybody give me an advice please? Thanks!
Kyle Premium
You don't necessarily need to convert them, you can help them with their network marketing and the sale of the products within those, but you can also introduce them to the significant affiliate marketing opportunity.

Sometimes when you tell someone what they are doing is a bad idea, they will get defensive. We have many network marketers here that are thriving with the education here, but are also transitioning into other significant opportunities.
Billydale480 Premium
you would be great at this
I want to focus on the how and why's of it. But I want to target people who are like me who are lucky if they can pay their monthly bills, so minimum wage (I guess) show them they can start at the bottom and work their way up. Which basically means starting as a starter member and letting the work they do on their website pay for premium. I believe that is the best way to promote WA. I'm willing to do all the research and I know I am going to lose alot of the functions. But I believe it is possible. I'm thinking something like. Selfhelp. /how-and-why-you-should-be-an-affiliate-marketer. I can then do research on other companies like WA and tell them why WA is the best way to go. What do you guys think?
Kyle Premium
Sure, that is absolutely a direction that you can head. Lots of people that you can relate to, lots of people that you can help, and ultimately lots of people that can benefit from the platform here. ;)
Thank you Kyle!
Hi Guy's,

In terms of target audience I was more thinking about promoting the training aspect of WA.
I know there's tons of people out there who have tried affiliate Marketing and have failed, mainly due to lack of training and support.
I know I was one of them.

Would this be workable?

Ex9to5er Premium
Absolutely, you will learn to do just that in the bootcamp and the great incentives for both you and those you bring aboard!

Kyle Premium
Yes, you can help aspiring affiliate marketers and you can help affiliate marketers then grow and scale their business. Obviously a promotion of WA would be a natural tie in here and it is the best of the best within the industry. ;)
Ura19 Premium
Hi this is my first Review which is step 9 out of 10 on the boot camp training.
My question :- Are their any special review templates that i can use to promote WA, even if i have to tweak them and make them my own, i would just like to get the ball rolling , bear in mind that i will be advertising Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Program which i feel is a brilliant way to launch the kind of niche that i'm interested in. ?
Kyle Premium
There're several ways in which you can go about creating the review, and we certainly have a lot of training on reviews here at WA.

You're cool with the review is to inform people and provide them with an experience where they are ready to make a purchasing decision either to purchase the product, or to purchase something else.

People tend to do a lot of research before they buy stuff online and if you can do the research for them, it will speed up the purchasing lifecycle. That is what you should set out to accomplish within your reviews.

Here is some high quality training that you can leverage on reviews. When you're creating a review, you need to make sure that you are being factually correct, providing insightful information, and you can layer your opinion and ideas on this. If you do this, you can be very successful with your reviews.