I remember when I started out, it took me over 30 days just to get my first website up and running and live online. Websites were far more technical and far "uglier" back in 2002 when I started.

So consider your progress thus far REALLY awesome, you are doing great! You have your website up and running. This is the starting point for your business.

In this lesson we are going to be learning all about the "back office" of your website and how the different aspects of Wordpress function. Wordpress is a framework in which you are building a website on. Many of you probably have experience with Wordpress already, but many do not and that is perfectly fine (it can be learned very quickly).

In the following video, I am going to walk you through the "back office" (admin area) of your website and also show you how to clean up your initial DUMMY content of your site.


Task 1: Delete the Dummy Page & Post

Your tasks in this lesson are all going to be very straightforward. You are going to be deleting "dummy" content that is automatically installed with every website. This is content that you will not be needing.

This likely will include:

  • Sample page
  • Sample privacy policy
  • Sample post
  • Sample comment

In this task we are going to go through and delete all of this content.

The first step is clicking the "Pages" tab. This will take you to your website Pages that are either in draft or published mode. What we want to do is delete the "Sample Page" here.

When you "mouse over" the Sample Page link, a menu will pop up with a Trash link. Click that and you will delete this Page. There may also be a "Privacy Policy" page that you can delete as well.

Then we are going to do the same thing with Posts.

Click the Posts tab, within the side menu. Then mouse over the Hello World post and click the "Trash" button.

All done!

Your website has been cleaned up and is ready to go. In the upcoming lessons you are going to be creating your own Pages and Posts and publishing them. Exciting stuff ahead!

Task 2: Navigating the Back Office of Your Site

This next one is simple, I just want you to acquaint yourself and have a look around the "back office" area over your website.

As with anything NEW, it can appear overwhelming at first but I can assure you before long you are going to be very proficient with the website build process. Just like your first day of school, it might seem a bit foreign. All we want you to do in this task is have a look around the different tabs and areas of the admin area.

We are going to be covering the various aspects of Wordpress and how to use much of these tools in upcoming lessons and you are going to be very proficient with Wordpress before you know it.

Task 3: If There Are Any Updates Available, Update.

Sometimes, depending on the timing of your 'website install', there will be updates available. Wordpress is a quickly evolving platform, so updates do happen quite frequently. These are sometimes feature improvements, sometimes they are security updates.

When there are updates available, you will se them directly under the Dashboard side menu, under the Updates link.

In the case of my website here, there are 4 available updates. This could be a combination of a Wordpress version update, plugin updates, or theme updates.

I simply click this button and it will take me to an overview of all updates.

The first thing I see is an updated version of Wordpress being available, so I update this. Click the "Update Now" button, and this will walk you through the process of updating Wordpress to the latest version.

Below this, if more updates area available, you will see plugins and themes that you will be able to update. In my case, I have three plugin updates. Check off the boxes, and click update plugins.

And we are all done!

**If you don't see any available updates, that is perfectly fine. Check off this task below and move on, just be aware that you may see updates like this pop-up within your website back office and it is perfectly fine to update these.

Tasks 0/4 completed
2. Delete the Dummy Page & Post (and Privacy Policy if it exists)
3. Navigate the Back Office of Your Site (Have a Look Around)
4. If There Are Any Updates Available (Wordpress/Plugins/Themes), Update

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Johan04 Premium
Well, I'm facing a situation here. After completing the Lesson 6, I have updated my Home Title with a custom tagline after the site name; but whenever I login to the site it shows "just another wordpress site" after the site name instead of my given tag line. Can anyone shed some light upon it? Am I missing anything ?
Dale123 Premium Plus
Hmm, what theme is it you're using? It could be a theme related issue.

Does the tagline in the admin panel definitely now read as the new tagline when you revisit it?
Johan04 Premium
I am using Generate Press.

Well, for the moment it looks like all good. I once again updated the General Settings of All in one SEO and everything is working fine.

Thanks for your concern. Have a good day :)
jennej Premium
hello, I am having some trouble with a direction and name...or I'm just making it harder than it has to be. I am big on education and providing value to people. I want to help people create passive incomes so they can live out their lives the way they want. I know how hard it is to learn and invest when you are poor and 1 paycheck away from homelessness....how can i turn this into a niche direction? Thanks for the help in advance
ElGatofeo Premium Plus
You HAVE A BIG HEART!! HOWEVER I would suggest you
1) Get through the TRAINING FIRST, FAST and FULLY
2) HELP YOURSELF FIRST!! When you are comfortable and can make $100.00 a day or $1000.00 a DAY
you will have learned "HOW TO FISH" and been a success at it.
3) Help the very ABLE.. they are easier to assist as they have more attention on succeeding...
than a Homeless Hungry man concerned with his burning feet and where he's gonna put his water bottle so it doesn't get stolen.
Once YOUR in GOOD SHAPE financially and have helped a hundred very able people.
You and all your FRIENDS can give real effective help to that Homeless Hungry MAN. Enjoy
let me know when you need a hand. I'd be glad to help.
joansingson4 Premium
Hello Kyle,

I already choose my niche which is the Affiliate marketing or how to make money online. I just think what the brand could it be. wish me luck. I want to send you my personal message but since I am just on FREE MEMBERSHIP I can't send a message to you. But soon I will be upgrading into Premium. 😊🙏 I hope I can make it. 💪
Kyle Premium Plus
You can leave any questions that you have here, or you can post them to my profile if you need direct help. I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

You can access my profile here:

Good luck joansingson. Lets go!
joansingson4 Premium
Hello Kyle, just finish watching the video about the bootcamp and I cannot view some of the topics that you are mentioning on the last part of the video. Maybe my internet connection is too slow. But, anyway I will make sure that I will be able to learn those things in the next few days.Thanks! ❤️🙏
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, could have been your connection if it stopped playing. It is definitely working, if you have any questions or need anything as you move forward let me know. :)
Okay now I'm in affiliate bootcamp and still have no idea about direction where to go can you please help me to choose best niche or direction which can be worked 100% as a beginner because I'm just learning and this my first time for affiliate marketing and I really don't know about it anything so I'm learning over here with you so could you help me out to come up with great workable niche or direction.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - as you are following the Boot Camp training, then your niche is make money online. You just need to find a target audience. Do be aware that this is very competitive and you could potentially have to write hundreds of articles to see any great success.

Most people prefer to start with their own niche subject, which could literally be anything you are interested in. For example, family, pets, health, travel, fashion etc. If you would like to do this, you need to switch to the Online Entrepreneur training.
nohair Premium Plus
I would say you have to create your niche because you are the only one who knows your likes, interests, what really makes you sad, annoys you that people do. People have issues that you know the answer to. Those things are things you are passionate about. You have the answer to someone's problem. I am sure you can do this. Please let me and everyone know what you come up with.