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*** This is not a training resource - Lets just call it a VLOG ***

I'm going to share with you the process that I go through when doing my video keyword research and the whole youtube upload process etc.

Is this the correct way to perform this process?
I have no idea and I'm not saying that you or anyone else should do it this way, remember this is a personal type video I decided to record and share with you and the rest of WA.

Sharing this video here may help other members and at the same time members maybe able to help me and others by offering other tips/tricks/techniques related to Youtube that they personally use.

If you'd like to perform some keyword research using Kyle's alphabet soup technique, Ubersuggest is a great free tool that you can use for free. But if you want to see monthly search volume you'll still need to use either WA keyword tool, Jaaxy or Google's own keyword tool.

I didn't explain in the video, but when doing my keyword research, I always go after phrases that trigger/display video thumbnail images in Google web results, I also normally take a quick look at the top 3 videos that currently rank for the phrase too. Doing so we allows me to get a rough idea on why the videos are ranked high and at the same time I can collect other phrase, ideas etc that I'll use for my own video.

Ideally I'd like to rank a video #1 for a phrase that triggers a thumbnail image on Google, if that happens I'm then going to be getting exposure from Google and Youtube, because I'll also be ranked in top 3 in a Youtube search.

My Custom Video Thumbnails:
I have no data to say that adding a custom thumbnails is a good move or not, and if the type of thumbnails I create are good or bad. I'd say the type of thumbnail to use depends on the type of video you're uploading.

Most of my videos are screen capture type tutorials, and the phrases I target people expect to see these types of videos. Now lets say for example someone searches "how to add plugin to wordpress" in the youtube search.
Most thumbnails results are all screen captures thumbnails that also show that the video isn't using any zoom feature. That's why I'll capture a zoomed in image and then add an overlay shape and text, hoping that this will catch the attention when someone scans over the results.

Resources mentioned or related to the video above

Kyle's Video - The Alphabet Soup Technique

Chrome Extension - Context Menu Search
How to configure to find QSR of highlighted text.

Ubersuggest - Free Google Suggest Scrapper tool
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Jaialoha Premium
Anyone who is reluctant to do keyword research should watch this video. Your techniques are efficient, and will be added to my skill set. Thanks again!
Shawn Martin Premium
ensale Premium
wow what a fantastic and helpful video. just been looking into videos.
cabenb Premium
Why bothering with article writing if you can buy 4000 Retweets on fiverr for $5?
welshy Premium
Hi, I'm not sure why you're posting that comment on this page as it's not talking about article marketing etc.
You can get all kinds of things for $5 on fiverr, but most of the time these gigs are junk and that's exactly why you can get them for $5.

You can also buy 4000+ backlinks from Fiverr for $5, a software goes of and creates profiles on different forums etc and adds a link to your site.
But Google then finds all these BS links and says this isn't right and slaps you.

I don't really use twitter, but I'm guessing that your tweet would get re-tweeted among 4,000 auto generated accounts.
cabenb Premium
Sorry, guess I hit the wrong button. I was reading a training about article writing so that's why I responded. You are right that most of the stuff on Fiverr is junk. Tried them all! LOL! But................... If you are patient every now and than you will find good stuff. I use Retweets for traffic to my website and see dramatic increase of visits and clicks every time I buy a gig. Of course most of the accounts used still are robots but these large accounts have thousand of wannabees that love to follow these big accounts. And it's that kind of followers I am after. It works fine for me ;-)
Carson Premium Plus
This is awesome stuff Craig, watching it as I type this!
welshy Premium
Thanks Carson, hopefully you still feel the same if you watched it all :)