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In this video I am going to show you the sheer power of Jaaxy Enterprise. I enter into 3 niches that I have no awareness of and in a matter of minutes I have many low competition, high traffic keywords in each niche...and I have access to a very large number of domains.

The criteria with this research is:

(1) Keyword must have less than 400 competition
(2) Keyword must get traffic

I also show you all the .com, .org and .net domains that are available within every search. It takes me no more than 3 searches to find enough keywords and domains to drive a successful marketing campaign.

I also prove the validity and accuracy of the keyword, qsr and domain data that Jaaxy Enterprise reveals.

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theshoppbox Premium
Good video Kyle but how would you use keywords that do not make any sense? Such as "clip hair extensions thin hair"? How can you possibly write content using those exact keywords?
Kyle Premium Plus
I don't use keywords that don't make sense, I will elaborate on a keyword that doesn't make a lot of sense if I can write an article that would not come across as being awkward.

A rule with content, your keyword must make sense.
splashduck Premium
I'm reeling from the awesome power of this software Kyle :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Glad you are enjoying it Robbie! :)
normanh2 Premium
G'day Kyle ,

Thank you for the video.

I know I asked a similar question in another thread but I want to try and clarify the same point .

I went through the same process as yourself in Enterprise and in the first example "hair extensions" the search came up with these phrases together with any number of others but the following illustrate my point in question:

clip hair extensions thin hair
hair extensions thin hair

If I decide that the first phrase is worth the effort and register a domain -- .com, .org , .net (clip hair extensions thin hair) then I would write appropriate content using the phrase:

clip hair extensions "for" thin hair which has different criteria.

If you decided that the phrase "clip hair extensions thin hair" was worth the effort how would you proceed with respect to generating the appropriate content for your site.

Thank you for your anticipated understanding ,

Best regards
theshoppbox Premium
Hi Normanh2, good question. I look forward to Kyle` comment as well. I however would not use that particular keyword," clip hair extensions thin hair" despite what the search results where. If you are building content around keywords you want them to flow naturally and make sense. That keyword does not make sense. And as soon as you add words in order to make that keyword make sense you void the search results. IE " clip hair extensions for thin hair" is now not the same keyword and thus the results will be different. That is my take on it anyways.
Kyle Premium Plus
You would absolutely still have a chance to get ranked under a domain like this, remember though you are competing with the "hair extensions for thin hair" so I would always suggest doing your due diligence and check that competition first.

Your keywords you target MUST make sense within your keyword targeted content, domains not as much.
this is really informative. but how do i connect those niches to my website i built by Wordpress?
Kyle Premium Plus
That is what the training is going to teach you. Content is the center of your website foundation and success.
caylynn Premium
Am speechless. Wish Wordpress was this straightforward. Thank you Kyle.
Kyle Premium Plus
Anything can be learned. Remember, I have been at this 10 years now...success does not happen overnight, but you will get the hang of it. :)