Today I decided I would build my first training session.

Not really sure how to do this. Therefore, if you haven't produced a training session and want to find out how we are going to learn together.
  • Under the Main Menu on the left side of the Home Page for WA select Training.
  • Now on the right side of the Training Page you'll see a large blue tab that is marked "Create New Training" Click that tab.
  • A window will pop up title "Create a Training Resource - Step 1". Here you'll select what type of training you want to produce. Your Choices are: Tutorial, Video or Course. For this training I chose Tutorial.
  • The next pop-up window, "Create a Training Resource - Step 2", you'll enter your training Title, Description, add an image and add tags.
  • Give your training session a title and a short description. The Title will need to be unique.
  • Now add an image. The image you add here is a thumbnail so it will be small. The image I added was cropped from a larger photo. Before you can continue you will need to add a photo - this is a required option.
  • Next add several tags. When you start typing tag suggestions will appear.
  • At the Bottom of the page are 2 labels (Share: ON and Access Control: ALL). At this point I'm not sure what they do.
  • Now Click the tab at the bottom right marked "Build Your First Page". If your Title is unique and all other options are correct you will then arrive at the "Training Resource Builder" Page.

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Hudson Premium
Super stuff, and well appreciated,
Shawn Martin Premium
Great job! Bookmarked for future use!
Freedomseekr Premium
Thanks for sharing this Skip. I'm a long way off from making a tutorial, but once I have something that I'd want to make one for, this will definitely be very helpful! Love the cartoon by the way :)

Best wishes!
JGray Premium
Thanks, Skip. I especially loved the humor, really made me continue reading! Can't wait for your next initiatives, keep up the good work!
Sir William Premium
Very nice, timing is perfect, I am not ready yet, but definitely one of things I have been wondering about. Good job Thanks