Transfer a Domain Name, Move a Website

You can transfer a domain name and you can move a website. You can't move a domain name and you can't transfer a website.

Don't confuse the two.

I've seen this question asked a number of times. "How do I transfer my website to Wealthy Affiliate?"

And what they really want to know is "How do I move my website to Wealthy Affiliate?" Or they want to know "How do I transfer my domain name to Wealthy Affiliate?"

Your domain name and your website are two totally separate and distinct thingies (technical term). They don't even have to be at the same place.

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What is a Domain Name?

What is a Website?

Transfer a Domain Name

Move a Website

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Avecita Premium
Is it possible to create a sub domain without transferring your domain name to WA first? I have tried to do this in Site Builder - Site Domains and discovered that that section for me is different to everyone else's, - it seems I need to transfer my domain in order to create a sub domain as they show in the trainings?
MarionBlack Premium
You can create a subdomain at the hosting company that hosts your website. If that's WA then this video will help
amgillogly Premium
Hi Marion,
I have a WP website hosted on godaddy. On godaddy, I installed a WP theme and put up a couple of pictures. There are not any files I really need to keep from the website as I have not developed the site yet. Can I just transfer the domain and just leave the files and start over here? Will that cause any issues? If I choose to move the developed website from WA back to godaddy will there be an issue on transferring the domain back and moving the website files? I have already transferred the domain to WA hosting. Thanks
ThomasPaul Premium
Domain transfers can only happen after 60 days have passed from the last one. I would recommend just changing the nameservers to your Godaddy hosting account if you wanted to switch back over to Godaddy at some point.

Backing up and restoring/moving your WordPress website is pretty easy once you know how. Marion has some great training on how to do it.
MarionBlack Premium
If you have already changed the nameservers to WA then it should be easy to start over from scratch and build out your website.

Make sure to cancel your hosting account at GoDaddy. You can leave the domain name registered there and transfer it to WA when it's almost due for renewal.

Moving a website from one hosting company to another can be easy or very difficult. The bigger the website the more complex and time consuming it becomes. Websites under 2GB in size can usually be moved using WP Clone. Bigger sites need FTP and database access.

I offer a professional website moving service for those who don't want to tackle it themselves.
FranKleiner Premium
Hello Marion. I just joined WA and was referred to you by Suzzette H. I have a website about pets, which is hosted by a company called Vibrant Web. Long story short, they charged me $4500 to build a website and promised lots of support which never happened, so I'd like to get out from under them but don't really know how. I was almost ready to quit and cut my losses, but I am not a quitter and want to give this a fair shot.

I am a 68-year old still working full time as an executive assistant and wanted to try to start something online which I could do to supplement my income when I finally retire. Vibrant Web asked me what I was interested in for a website. I love animals, so I chose a website trying to sell pet supplies.

I see there is a lot of training available here so I'd like to get started with that because I sort of jumped in with both feet without doing the research so I have a lot to learn. I'm a bit overwhelmed, so could use a suggestion on where to start first.

I'd like to see if I can transfer my website and let WA host it but don't feel knowlegeable enough to do on my own. Don't know anything about plugins.

I'd like to learn what kinds of websites other people here have and how they make money online.

My site is monetized by an Ebay store, Amazon Google AdSense, and some affiliate programs I signed up with through Shareasale. My site has been active since February, but to date have only made one sale, which is very discouraging.

I also really need to learn how to drive traffic to my site.

Sorry to bore you with all of this, but would appreciate any advice you could give me.
MarionBlack Premium
Your first step is to back up your entire website and save it on your computer Next step is to contact Site Support and ask them to help with moving the website's contents to Wealthy Affiliate.

And you'll need to point the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to WA's servers . This is done wherever you bought the domain name.

And then you'll need to follow the training using the green button on the left hand side, "Get Started Here". To learn how to manage your own website.

The rest will come as you progress through the lessons.
GlenPalo Premium
Think of your domain name in terms of a telephone book. Your domain name is tied to your Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address is expressed as a numerical label like

It is easy to remember the domain name It is much harder to remember the WA IP address of
MarionBlack Premium
Good point Glen.
Steve1958 Premium
You've been a bizzy Gal...

Lots of people, including moi, either have been or are confused about this subject...

I transferred all my domain names across to WA and it wasn't without grief!

I'm sure heaps of people will appreciate yet another brilliant 'Marion' lesson...thanks for taking the time to clarify for all of us!
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you Stevo. Catch up soon.
Steve1958 Premium
Our meeting spot for this Thursday will be closed!
Yes...catch up soon...
I have a few questions for you...