As I have gone over ten tutorials now, it probably makes sense to start putting together an Index/Table of Contents. Hopefully, this will help you to find what you are looking for.

However, please continue to use the Search Bar at the top of every page to find training by other members as well.

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

I am also in the process of completing a comprehensive list of FAQ's. You can find these below:

You can also click on the Next Page button below to navigate through these.

If any of the training linked to from here is now out of date, please let me know in the comments of that training, or here in the comments section below, or via PM, and I will get it updated for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and either myself or one of the other great WA members here will get back to you :-)

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AMoore4 Premium
Hi. I got kinda lost there. I really would like to do a bit on gardening. I grew up with a hoe in my hand. and learned to drive on a tractor when I was very young. being raised in my earlier years by my grandparents gave me a lot of insights to share. As I was getting my garden ready for planting I thought maybe I could write about it? IDK. I guess I am saying can I change my niche? Or can I add one?
TheAbie Premium Plus
HI, yes of course you can change your niche. It is best if you choose something you are super passionate about and genuinely interested in as you'd be required to write lots of content addressing issues related to your niche. However you'd want a niche a website, otherwise you'd confuse Google and your visitors. For example I would not include fitness and gardening in one site as these are two separate niches. Hope this helps.

You'd also wanting narrow your niche as gardening is a broad niche. You may want to consider what type of gardening you want to address and to what group i.e. growing organic fruit and veg for beginners. Who would benefit most from what you have to offer, what's my target audience. Starting off narrow with low competition keywords and when site starts attracting traction, traffic and authority you can then think to scale.
olieben Premium
hello Chris
thanks for the info,
but what i need help with is still relating to emailing, but gathering outlook subscribed email lists as below for csv file creation to mailchimp my autoresponder option client

if you have any ideas on how to purge these email address from the subscribed messages will be super cool,
I have researched and have too many info that don't comply with what i need.
so i cant go further as mailchimp requires a csv file to proceed with emailing.?

olieben Premium
silly me forgot the photo
SophieKim Premium
I wish I could help but I have not used mail chimp before. Maybe someone will be able to help or send Chrystopher a PM, he may be able to help you. Good luck!
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Apologies for the delay in replying here, although, if I remember correctly, I have replied to this elsewhere.

If I haven't, then here's the answer ;-)

You are not allowed to use User Registrations, Password Resets, or any Email sent to you, to then add them to your Mailing List, as that person has Not Opted In to receiving such emails from you.

You will need to place a Mailing List/Newsletter Signup Form on your website.
RickSea Premium
Thanks for putting all this together Chrystopher, it's a fabulous resource.

ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
You're welcome Rick :-)
MattilaP Premium
Thanks for sharing all this information. Now it's easy to find
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
You're welcome Mattila :-)
LenMise Premium
I just tried sharethrough headline Analyzer. What an awesome tool as a complement, Chrys.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
You're welcome Len, glad it helped :-)