I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the "Traffic Conversion Strategy" course.

This course is designed with the sole aim of training anyone who will like to master that art of driving traffic to their website and converting that traffic into sales irrespective of their level of knowledge in internet marketing.

By the time you are through with this course, you will have learnt the following:

1. How to drive massive amounts of traffic to your websites from both FREE and PAID sources

2. You will learn about how you can convince your website visitors to opt into your list

3. You will learn how to build trust and a relationship with your subscribers

4. You will learn how to convert your subscribers into sales at any given time.

So go through the course, and share your thoughts and challenges with me.



Tasks 0/2 completed
1. Get your pen and paper
2. Shut down all and any form of destruction

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DonDan Premium
Hi Fidel,
I'm almost sure what's coming in the next 4 lessons of this training is going to be of great value and knowledge to our community.
Having said that, I couldn't help noticing and I strongly believe an orthographic or typographic error was made when the second task was described and written in the sentence as 'Shut down all and any form of destruction', when I think it was meant to be read as 'Shut down all and any form of distraction'. Obviously, the word 'destruction' does not make any sense in the sentence describing the task and has a totally different meaning than the word 'distraction' which is more appropriately used to get the undivided attention of audiences.
Do you agree with me? If not, please explain and accept my anticipated apologies.
In any case, I'd like you to take my comment as the way things seem and sound to me from the perspective of a reader of your content.


BlissNadela Premium
This is a very high-quality course and I learned a lot from it. I have an upcoming digital product to sell and thank you very much! I will be surely applying the strategy I have just learned today in order to make that money I am dreaming of. Thank you very very much for your time and effort in putting this up for us, Fidel.
God Bless you!
phydel Premium
@Bliss God Bless you as well and you are most welcome
Prestones Premium
Great job Fidel - a worthwhile read!

Thanks for making the effort ~ Dennis
phydel Premium
You are welcome
WSanders Premium
Where the rest bro!?
phydel Premium
Sorry about the inconvenience. one of my pages was blocked from been published by WA. I guess they felt it was a breach of the terms and agreement. So I have deleted that page. I think things should be ok now.
MMail Premium
This is a good and high quality of lessons that let IM rise up with their business.I hope to see the next missing.
phydel Premium
Yes sure you can continue with your training
speakwealth Premium
Stops at lesson 3.
phydel Premium
Sorry about that and thanks for alerting me. I will have it corrected