What Are You Good At?

Sit down and create a list of things that you are skilled at, then create another list of companies (online and offline that would get value from these skills). For example, an offline company probably does not know a lick about SEO and how to get their pages to come up within the search engine results. They probably do not know anything about web design, email marketing, Pay-per-click etc.

What if you approached one of these companies, offering them some Internet related services in exchange for money or some of their products / services? Chances are they would jump at the opportunity. They can BENEFIT from what you have to offer and more often than not will be willing to pay for it.

Here is an example of what your list might look like:

Your Online Skills Local Companies That Need Me Writing Articles
  • Joe's Shoe Store
  • Hot Oven Pizza
  • Sherry's Salon and Spa
  • Any Business with a site they want to get listed for Free in the Search Engines
Website Development
  • Uncle Tom's Reno Business
  • Any Local Business Without Website
  • Any Local Business That Wants Traffic

Some other areas that you could offer your services in are:

  • logo development
  • website optimization
  • run conversion tests
  • lead management
  • adding autoresponder's
  • search engine optimization
  • content development

Don't Have the Knowledge Set Yet?

Well, the great thing about being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community is that you will learn many new skills that you can leverage. Why not build a website for someone in Site Rubix? How about getting a local company listed in the Search Engines through article marketing? What about managing your friends PPC campaigns and showing them how to optimize them for Google and Yahoo?

There are many opportunities out there, and by simply going through the resources offered here, taking advantage of the community and learning from it, you will gain a highly valuable skill-set that MANY companies need access to.

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Writting, descriptions, word flow, immagination.
How do we know what is a fair offer??
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How do we know what is a fair offer??
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Logo Development.
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Logo Development.