3. Lower Bidding For Keywords With Conversion Costs Above Your Budget.

A quick filter on your AdWords account will help you reduce the money and time you spend that your unprofitable keywords have.

If you take a glance at the last 28 days since you last optimized your bids you’ll be able to locate all unprofitable keywords and make changes.

4. Pause Underperforming Keywords

Always check the performance of keywords for each of your campaigns.

In the beginning stages of a campaign, I suggest this be done every day.

Once things are going fine, you can move it back to 2 or 3 times per week. Watch out for the keywords which are bringing in the traffic but not conversions, or keywords that have increasing bounce rates.

Since you’re paying for those clicks, if they’re not turning into leads or sales, put those keywords on hold immediately.

5. Include Your Target Keywords in Your Adverts

It sounds expected, but if your ads don’t include the keywords you are bidding on within your ad copy then your CTRs will be helpless and you will potentially pay more than you need to. So you should always Include your target keyword in the headline and again within the ad copy and again in the display link.

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