8. Use RLSA In Separated Campaigns

RLSA means “remarketing lists for search ads”. RLSA is remarketing lists that are meant for targeting past visitors when they are back searching for relevant search queries.

A lot of times, promoters use RLSA in the original search campaigns and ad groups and setting higher bid adjustments for users who are a part of the RLSA list.

This is seen as a great strategy that is definitely worth using, but there’s a way to make it even more interesting.

Try differentiating your search campaigns to cold audience and RLSA. Remove the RLSA lists from the odd audience campaigns, and target them in the RLSA campaigns.

The con of splitting RLSA into different campaigns is that it needs many days after day follow up. The benefits are that it helps you to fully control your RLSA bids (which is, of course, going to be higher, since returning users are worth a higher bid), and you will be able to place your ads uniquely since these users are familiar with you.

9. Exclude Poorly Converting Locations

If you’re advertising in a large area you’ll most likely have some areas that aren’t converting as well as others.

By looking into the Dimensions tab and then clicking on View Geographic you’ll be able to see a list of your ads performance in any geographical area. I’ll suggest you narrow the columns down, so you get a total data from only the Country or Region.

If you’re only running ads in a single state, I suggest you add the Metro Area or City columns to get more specific data.

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