Some facts about domain names.

Before telling you my secret to finding a great domain name, I would like to inform you about some facts in the domaining industry.

As you probably already know, domain names are very important and can be worth hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. It depends on different factors.

Factor Number 1: How rare is the domain name?

Just like collectibles, domain names can be rare: The rarest ones are One Number ( Domains, like:, There are only 9 of them. Then one letter domains like: etc. Then come

Known acronyms like NFL, NBA, MMA Or WWE are very expensive also. The list can go on.

Generally these domains are all taken and have been registered by domain investors domain registrers. In other words, you can't find them for sale.

The only ones available for sale are not DotCom Domains. And even if you find them they are also very expensive. The image bellow prove it. It's only an .XYZ Domain Name.

Factor Number 2: Is it a One Word Domain name?

One Word domain names are considered as premium domains and can be very expensive. Some big companies are ready to spend a lot of money to acquire these domains.,; or can be worth some bucks.

Domain name investors also own a big number of them and wait for rich company owners to contact them.

Here is a list of One Word domains available for sale (not .COM)

Factor Number 3: Is it a Premium Domain?

The difference between one word domains and premium domains is not very obvious but there is a difference in the level of brandability.

A premium domain can be a keyword rich domain, an expression, or cpc domain. The Image below is a perfect example: Tape into your NameCheap Browser: and you'll understand what I am saying.

There are other facts about domains names but I am just citing some of them to let you know about how important they can be.

The main reason you want a great domain name is to be able to sell it if you don't want it anymore. Who knows, you are maybe sitting on a domain name worth thousands of dollars.

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wealthforall Premium
How many domains can one have? Let's say you have about three businesses, do you create a domain for each or can you combine them in one?
Jubahadjal Premium
Hello there, sorry for the very late answer...

If you have three businesses in three different niches you should have three domain names.

There are also Sub Domains which can be used. Let's say you have a "weight loss" website talking about nutrition and health in general and your main domain is:

Some people would create a subdomain for their online shop called: to sell their products.

I don't advise you to do so, it is better to create a page dedicated to your shop.

To be honest, having three different websites is a mistake, focus one website and grow it correctly. If in the future your website is making money then create another one.

I am preparing an in-depth course about domain names. if you still have problems finding domains this should more helpful than this one.
I hope this helps.

Cheers, Youba
AppleofGold Premium
I do not quite understand the concept. If they are expired, deleted, etc. does this not mean that they were ineffective, not successful?

BobBarr Premium
People can abandon domain names for any number of reasons. They lose interest, switch niches, etc.

Since the content determines a site's success more than its domain name does, there's no reason to avoid picking up a domain name just because someone abandoned it for some unknown reason.
AppleofGold Premium
Thanks, but am I taking a chance that they abandoned it because it was not a success? Is there a way to view the previous response prior to purchase?

BobBarr Premium
Not that I know of.
Jubahadjal Premium
Hi Lynne,

To answer your question, actually expired domains are the hidden truth of online businesses. Only about 10% of online entrepreneurs survive.

People quit and stop their online activities.

Some of them are failing because they don't have the knowledge, the time and the money, some of them also don't know how to build their Brand.

That's why branding is more important than having a simple business. Businesses survive and brands thrive.

Some of them can be pornography related, gambling, and other which can have a bad reputation. But Google doesn't take into consideration their past.

My advice would to check their history using also called

That's it for me, I hope this helps :)
CoolCrazyDan Premium
Do You believe it to be VERY beneficial to your business and has it made a world of difference i your success?
Jubahadjal Premium
hey Dan! Thank you for your questions :)

I bought some interesting expired domains to sell them, I bought 3 and I sold one. I also built a website when I started around coffee. I could have had a lot of success with this coffee website. It was called

It was highly brandable and catchy but turned out to be time-consuming, as I alternated between my actual website, the coffee website and my day job.

I let it expire again and became a business monogamist instead of cheating on the one I am using right now. Lol

You know people who are constantly flipping domains are buying expired domains every single day and they add them to their portfolio.

There are some aspects to take into consideration before buying but there are millions of interesting domains. At least that's my opinion.

Thank you :)
ClaudiaHB Premium
cool training, love it - thanks
Jubahadjal Premium
You're welcome :) I did my best to highlight the most important aspects of domain names:)