Simply put, this is the clothing for your eBook. Clothing nonetheless that has to provide that air of professionalism.

Your cover should scream "I am worth reading", thus being able to convince your website visitor that it possesses some sort of value and is worth them having a copy.


This section, basically speaks to the correct layout for your eBook. This layout, as in the case of many eBooks, takes on a title, chapters, content pages, conclusion, resources page etc. This allows your reader to have an outlined, yet detailed step by step schedule on how to move forward through the book and its contents.


Remember that 1st eye catching encounter? If so, good...cause that took place with the very 1st image being the eBook cover (the Front Cover or Face). From this point, images are needed in the actual eBook (in the content pages) to make it pop so to speak, giving it life and some vibrancy.

This also, makes one's eBook an interesting read - by providing that balance between words and images.


Answers, answers and more answers is what it pretty much boils down to. Your eBook has to provide answers or solutions. Once this is achieved -your eBook WILL be deemed VALUABLE because it is able to solve problems through tending to the needs and wants of your readers, who will later become customers (due to this valuable added effect).

Get YOUR eBook Designed!

1. If you are great at designing...then, I'd say design it yourself.

2. If you are not as adverse in the design arena (like myself)... then the next best thing to do is to get this job outsourced to a professional. The image above was designed at "" for only $5 (the price differs based on your desired waiting time - 1 day delivery, 3 days etc.).

Fact and Did You Know


There are millions of copies of eBooks online that are downloaded by people all over the world from various websites, for different reasons and respective purposes.

Did You Know:

Did you know that even though you may have an eBook on your website,used as a FREE GIFT, it does not guarantee that someone who visits your site and receives a copy of your book will actually read it?

Note: Some people only download books for the sole purpose of downloading them. Surprising but true!

A compelling eBook, i.e., YOUR eBook, WILL stand out amongst other eBooks on someone's computer's hard-drive at home, due to its professional design and as a result, your reader is converted into a customer for your online business.

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Great tips Keane. I've bookmarked this for when I'm ready to write an e-book.
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Very Cool Mr.Keane! I have bookmarked this for down the track. Thank you for the lessons. But you never did say Why we need Open Office. Is it better than Microsoft Office?
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Thanks Cubandance. Had some set backs but still adding the training. Thanks for stopping by too. Thanks for pointing that out too. To answer your question, Microsoft Word isn't a good a editor as Open Office, especially when it comes to eBook creation and export of of one.

Open Office is a strongly recommended program by many online experts, based on the ease of use features - allows for conversion to a pdf document when completed etc.

Also, the alignment features when it comes to adding a eCover and wording allows for a much smoother transitioning.

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